The only open forum advice podcast... we think. Jake and Vice take to the Internet to give less-than-professional advice to their fellow humans. They should be licensed, but they probably won't be. Give it a few episodes then they'll contact Harvard about an honorary degree. Need advice? Email Socials: @TheraPissed_Pod @eesyjakeoven @ViceOnMic



Ep. 5: Licking Doorknobs

The guys help a man who ate a metal ball (seriously) and a man who secretly smoked pot for 21 years who must now tell his wife. Action packed episode, everyone! Need advice? Email the guys at Socials: @TheraPissed_Pod @eesyjakeoven @ViceOnMic
00:52:18 11/19/2018

Past Episodes

Vice and Jake are back! After a small hiatus (Vice had surgery, blame him), the boys are back in town to give advice such as how to deal with a snoring partner, how to turn down friendship (ouch), and what to do if you hate your tattoo. Need advice? Email the guys at Socials: @TheraPissed_Pod @eesyjakeoven @ViceOnMic
00:47:00 11/11/2018

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