The only open forum advice podcast... we think. Jake and Vice take to the Internet to give less-than-professional advice to their fellow humans. They should be licensed, but they probably won't be. Give it a few episodes then they'll contact Harvard about an honorary degree. Need advice? Email Socials: @TheraPissed_Pod @eesyjakeoven @ViceOnMic



Ep. 14: Elevenses at Beanfeast with Ariana

Happy MLK Day! While you're enjoying the day off, why not listen to the guys' newest plan for their strip club as well as advice on what to do if you find out your dad has a foot fetish. Also, we unveil our merch and new social networking platform. Need advice? Email the guys at Follow us on our socials: @TheraPissed_Pod/TheraPissed Podcast (Twitter/Facebook) @eesyjakeoven @ViceOnMic
00:53:45 1/21/2019

Past Episodes

The guys discuss plans for the future, including live podcasts at funerals and opening the next big strip club. Oh, and they give advice. Need advice? Email the guys! Socials: TheraPissed_Pod/TheraPissed Podcast (Twitter/Facebook) @eesyjakeoven @ViceOnMic
00:44:33 1/14/2019
Jake and Vice are joined by their friend Noah Agne to discuss what to do if you can't understand your girlfriend's language and Vice's unadulterated hatred of Bono in the most vulgar episode yet. Sorry, mom. Need advice? Email the guys! Follow us on Twitter: @TheraPissed_Pod @eesyjakeoven @ViceOnMic
01:04:06 1/6/2019
'Tis New Year's Eve! In the last episode of 2018, the guys discuss the what to do if you find a lost dog in another country and what to do if you gave up porn, but have an itch to scratch. Need advice? Email the guys at Socials: @TheraPissed_Pod/TheraPissed Podcast (Twitter/Facebook) @eesyjakeoven @ViceOnMic
00:57:04 12/31/2018
Merry Christmas, patients! The guys welcome back Claire Hibbard for a Christmas Bonus Episode! They guys and guest discuss the best gifts for a baller on a budget and play a fun game of F.M.K. featuring characters from The Office. Need advice? Email the guys! Socials; @TheraPissed_Pod/TheraPissed Podcast (Twitter/Facebook) @eesyjakeoven @ViceOnMic @rizyhib (Claire)
00:22:45 12/25/2018
Merry Christmas Eve! The guys tackle issues of the Christmas variety, such as choosing a family to spend Christmas with and what to do during the Christmas festivities if your cousin is flirting with you. Need advice? Email the guys at Socials: @TheraPissed_Pod/TheraPissed Podcast (Twitter/Facebook) @eesyjakeoven @ViceOnMic
01:02:53 12/24/2018
Jake and Vice are joined by their good friend Claire Hibbard to discuss relationships and fetishes. Just another episode of TheraPissed! Need advice? Email the guys! Socials: @TheraPissed_Pod/TheraPissed Podcast (Twitter/Facebook) @eesyjakeoven @ViceOnMic @rizyhib (Instagram)
01:00:40 12/17/2018
The word of the day makes Vice a little angrier than usual and Jake faces the harsh reality of one of his most apparent flaws. Also, the guys help a man who needs advice on how to get a girl to fulfill his deepest desire. Need advice? Email the guys! Socials: @TheraPissed_Pod (Twitter) TheraPissed Podcast (Facebook) @eesyjakeoven @ViceOnMic
00:50:46 12/10/2018
We're a trilogy now! Jake and Vice tackle the usual issues like relationships, how to act in social settings, and publishing a poem you wrote about your dead cousin. Maybe that last one isn't so usual. Need advice? Email the guys at Follow us on our socials: @TheraPissed_Pod @eesyjakeoven @ViceOnMic
01:00:00 12/5/2018
Jake and Vice tackle relationship issues, meeting women, and what it means if a guy "Likes the way you eat." Please subscribe and rate/review! If you have a need for some advice, email us at Find "us" on socials: @TheraPissed_Pod @eesyjakeoven Tags: advice comdey vice eesyjakeoven therapissed therapist open forum reddit Episode is Live Published: Oct. 15, 2018 @12AM Edit Unpublish Email or Embed this Episode
00:46:06 12/5/2018
Should you get your boss a gift? How do you deal with unhappy parents after sharing a meme? And we have a flawless way to approach a girl. Check out the first episode of the brand new "TheraPissed Podcast"! If you need advice, email the guys at Find us on socials @TheraPissed_Pod/TheraPissed Podcast (Twitter/Facebook) @eesyjakeoven @ViceOnMic
00:50:20 12/5/2018

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