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Touch Em' All is a weekly discussion about the Minnesota Twins, hosted by 1500 ESPN Twin Cities' Phil Mackey and Twins beat writer Derek Wetmore. On this show, you'll find a strong mix of analytics, bad analogies and pleading for robot umpires.


BONUS: The Twins are investing in getting Buxton and Sano back on track

The Twins are investing in getting Buxton and Sano back on track. The two have fallen off the star track, and that's bad news for the 2018 season. But the Twins are committed to getting more out of the two former top prospects, and that could be great news for the rest of this season and beyond. Derek Wetmore joins Judd Zulgad and Matthew Coller in the 1500ESPN studios to talk about the Twins and their approach to "fixing" Sano and Buxton.
00:00:00 6/17/2018

Past Episodes

In a surprising move, the Twins have sent former all-star Miguel Sano to the low minors. What should we make of the move? What do YOU make of the move? Derek Wetmore hosts his Facebook Live Twins Chat to discuss the move and what it means for the Twins and Sano.
00:00:00 6/13/2018
The Twins should go after Manny Machado in free agency. At least, that's what Phil Mackey thinks -- and he brings a checklist of reasons why the Twins shouldn't fear a 10-year, lucrative contract for the young slugger. Derek Wetmore pokes holes in Phil's commentary. Welcome to this "Reckless Speculation" edition of the Touch 'em All Podcast.
00:00:00 6/12/2018
Should we be worried about Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton? Couldn't the Twins make the playoffs without those two guys playing at their peak? What about the great contributions from J.O. Berrios, Fernando Romero, Eddie Rosario and many others? Isn't that good enough? Derek Wetmore joins Phil Mackey and Judd Zulgad in the 1500ESPN studios to talk about the Twins, their concerns for 2018, and what they could do going forward to compete with the best teams in baseball. But it all starts with Sano and Buxton.
00:00:00 6/10/2018
The Twins bumped Miguel Sano down in the order Friday night in hopes of relieving some pressure on the big slugger. Will it work? What else can the Twins do at this point? Derek Wetmore answers these questions and more on his Facebook show Friday before the Twins-Angels game.
00:00:00 6/7/2018
Eddie Rosario and Eduardo Escobar are having career years. Rosario, specifically, has proven us to be wrong about his free-swinging ways, as he's improved his approach and turned himself into an all-star caliber player. Phil Mackey and Derek Wetmore discuss Rosario, Escobar, Miguel Sano, Byron Buxton, Nick Gordon, Jorge Polanco, Ehire Adrianza, Mitch Garver, Bobby Wilson and other Twins in this week's episode. The stat of the week features a guy who could play shortstop for the Twins right now -- if they wanted him to.
00:00:00 6/6/2018
Eddie Rosario hit 3 home runs and elevated the Twins to a dramatic walk-off victory Sunday against the Indians. Derek Wetmore joins Phil Mackey and Judd Zulgad in the 1500ESPN studios to discuss Rosario's heroics, the Twins' persistence and how he's become the best hitter on the Twins. Plus, Byron Buxton and an AL Central race update.
00:00:00 6/3/2018
The Twins have been snake bitten this year, and this week was no different on the injury front. Ervin Santana had a setback. Byron Buxton hit the disabled list with his broken toe. Joe Mauer had a setback during his return from concussion symptoms. Phil Mackey and Derek Wetmore talk about the Twins and the mounting concern over injuries
00:00:00 5/30/2018
Hanley Ramirez is reportedly out with the Red Sox. A lot of people are asking if that means the Twins should go after him. Derek Wetmore answers those questions -- and many more on the Twins -- during Friday's hangout on his Facebook page,
00:00:00 5/24/2018
Are you concerned that Byron Buxton has taken a step back offensively? How much of his struggles are attributable to injuries? What's his biggest drawback right now for the Minnesota Twins? Derek Wetmore is in the 1500ESPN studios with Judd Zulgad and Brian Murphy to talk Buxton, Joe Mauer, the Twins and Ron Gardenhire's Detroit Tigers. 
00:00:00 5/20/2018
Do the Twins need to trade for a catcher now that Jason Castro is done for the season? Derek Wetmore thinks so, and we talked about it this week on the Facebook Live show. Jason Castro's backups are good at some things but are they good enough to help a team to the playoffs? Who would make sense for the Twins if they do go the trade route? Also, some fun with the Media Guide Game -- Jim Thome and Jack Morris. And Stat of the Week involving Trevor May.
00:00:00 5/17/2018

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