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Immediately following each Minnesota Vikings game, former NFL long-snapper "The Super Star" Mike Morris and 1500 ESPN's Phil Mackey dissect the action and take your phone calls. The ultimate Vikings rollercoaster ride!


Vikings return home to beat the Cardinals (Week 6, 2018)

The Vikings returned home for the first time since the Buffalo loss and put in an all-around good effort for a 27-17 win over the Cardinals. The big win led to you, the listener, calling in to talk to Phil Mackey and Manny Hill about the sudden return of the run game, the second good showing in a row by the defense, and an interesting trade proposal.
00:51:00 10/13/2018

Past Episodes

The Vikings returned to the scene of the crime and found it a bit more friendly this time around, at least result anyways. Coming out with a 23-21 victory sees the Vikings go to 2-2-1 which left you the listener to call in about the turnaround from the past couple weeks, Kirk Cousins, and questionable calls from the refs.
00:52:00 10/6/2018
Neither defense showed up in an absolute shoot-out between two of the preseason NFC favorites as the Vikings fell to 1-2-1. There was a lot of questions about what's wrong with Anthony Barr, what happened to the vaunted defense, and the lack of a running game for the Vikings.
01:10:00 9/26/2018
The Vikings decided to not show up in their hosting duties this weekend against Buffalo and got run out of their own building in a disappointing 27-6 loss. You, the listener, called in and talked with Manny Hill and Phil Mackey about the lack of offensive line, lack of Kirk Cousins, and Anthony Barrs struggles through this season.
01:28:00 9/22/2018
Well... the Vikings and Packers tied. An anti-climatic ending meant for a fired up Vent Line. You, the listeners, called in and talked with Manny Hill and Phil Mackey about Treadwell and Carlson needing to be off the team, Rick Spielman needing to stop tinkering, and Kirk Cousins' down right great day.
00:00:00 9/15/2018
The Vikings kicked off the 2018 NFL Season with a 24-16 victory over the San Francisco 49ers. Manny Hill sat in the host chair for the first post game edition of Vent Line for the 2018 season and took your calls on Kirk Cousins' debut, Hunters monster day, and the three int's for the Vikings D.
00:00:00 9/8/2018
We're back for another season of Vent Line and we're adding a pre game hour hosted by Manny Hill. This week Manny is joined by Eric Eager from Pro Football Focus as well as Matthew Coller to talk about today's Vikings/49ers game.
00:00:00 9/8/2018
The Vikings added another heartbreak loss to the list of heartbreaks in franchise history with a season ending 38-7 loss in Philadelphia. The Superstar Mike Morris and Phil Mackey took your call for nearly three hours discussing everything about the loss and what happens going forward. All that and a whole lot more on this season finale of Vikings Vent Line.
00:00:00 1/21/2018
An unbelievable ending sees the Vikings storm passed the Saints on to the NFC Championship game next week. Listen in as callers were crying, excited, speechless, just about every positive emotion one can have after that 29-24 victory over the Saints. The Superstar Mike Morris and Phil Mackey took your calls for two hours after that amazing game. Listen in to this weeks edition of Vikings Vent Line!
00:00:00 1/13/2018
The Vikings wrapped up a 13-3 season with a 23-10 win over the Chicago Bears that gives them a first round playoff bye. Phil Mackey and The Superstar Mike Morris took your calls on the offense struggling a little and whether you think this team can win the Super Bowl. All that and more right here on Vikings Vent Line!
00:00:00 12/31/2017
It wasn't real pretty, or warm for that matter, but the Vikings blanked the Packers in Lambeau to move to 12-3. The Superstar Mike Morris and Manny Hill took your calls on the lack of offense, Harrison Smith clearly not being good enough for the Pro Bowl, and the playoff odds for the Vikes. All that and more on Vikings Vent Line!
00:00:00 12/23/2017

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