Web Summit: Science

Understanding science and developing technology have always gone hand in hand, so it's no surprise Web Summit covers important news coming out of the field. It's hard to keep up with all the breakthroughs being made in the world, so we take a deep dive into a select few that are particularly interesting. Topics include bio hacking, plastics and environmental sustainability, and more!


Can a company be a force for more than just profit?

The speakers in this session believe inspiring early-stage corporate philanthropy can make a lasting global impact. Pledge 1% is an easy way to leverage a portion of a startup's future success to support nonprofits and leaders who are part of this movement give examples of their efforts. Guests: Amy Lesnick, Pledge 1%; Jenna Griffith, MediaMath; Michael Pryor, Trello; Chris Foster, Burson Cohn & Wolfe
00:21:51 7/18/2018

Past Episodes

Frank Cooper, Chief Marketing Officer at BlackRock, delivers an engaging keynote on how to leverage data and machine learning in a manner that will minimize human bias but still allows for human input by scaling our empathy, creativity and other human traits.
00:16:17 7/17/2018
What does the future of agriculture look like? As the worlds population grows how will farmers feed billions more people in the face of climate change using less land and less resources? The expert panel discusses the possibilities and potential of data science & indoor vertical farming. Guests: Mike Stern, The Climate Corporation; David Cheng, DCM Ventures; Guy Blanchard, AeroFarms; Beth Kowitt, Fortune
00:22:00 7/9/2018
This web summit seeks to shine a light on the problem of plastic and it's impact on our environment. Guest: Dianna Cohen, Plastic Pollution Coalition; Naja Nielsen, Orb Media; Jackie Nunez, The Last Plastic Straw; Jon Bowermaster, National Geographic
00:33:00 6/25/2018
In this web summit the panel discusses how to live longer through bio hacking. Monitoring your body processes and building precision health trends into your life may ensure longer life. However how do these trends work for the majority of the world who may not have access to this expensive technology. Guest: Dave Asprey, Bulletproof 360, Inc.; Mona Siddiqui, Department of Health and Human Services; Naveen Jain, Viome; Jade Scipioni, Fox Business Network
00:23:00 6/25/2018
Global economic development has often come at the expense of our environment. In this Web Summit the panel examines how can businesses evolve and develop their practices to improve their environmental footprint? And what are the challenges that multinational companies face in implementing such changes across borders? Guests: Suzanne DiBianca, Salesforce; Gillian Tans, Booking.com; Christiana Figueres, Mission 2020; Philip Crowther, France 24
00:22:00 6/25/2018

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