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It's no surprise that the "largest technology conference in the world," covers technology. Which technologies we cover, however, is. By carefully choosing which technologies to cover in our episodes, Web Summit ensures the listener a learning experience that makes them feel as though they're at the very nexus of entertainment, science, and commerce.


Putting Voice to Work

How Amazon uses voice enabled technology to push the limits of innovation. Voice technology is emerging as the interface of the future, and conversational artificial intelligence is driving this transformation in how humans interact with machines. Learn how Amazon is using machine learning and cloud computing to fuel innovation as it builds the next generation of voice-first user experiences. Guest: Alex Smola, Amazon
00:17:11 7/17/2018

Past Episodes

CEO and Co Founder of Chow Now Chris Webb chats with Phillip Crowther of France 24 to discuss how his tech startup utilized congressional government help to appeal to Apple in order to change its store policy to help small businesses. Guests: Chris Webb, ChowNow; Philip Crowther, France 24
00:21:00 7/10/2018
Miriam Naficy the founder and CEO of Minted.com the crowd sourced online stationary business describes how their bottom up business model empowers people outside of the company to make decisions.
00:18:00 6/25/2018
What is the future of car ownership? In this web summit the panel addresses the cost of car ownership and the impacts of car sharing. Learn how companies like Turo are reshaping the future of the industry through their peer to peer sharing model. Guests: Andre Haddad, Turo; Patricia Nakache, Trinity Ventures; Alex Roy, The Drive
00:22:00 6/25/2018
The consumer financial technology market has remained virtually unchanged for the last 20 years. In this Web Summit we look at how startups have moved through phases from disruption to partnering, to a whole new world of finance and trade. Learn ?where fintech is finding success and what strategies will prove best for the next 12 months? Guests: Nick Zhu, Yroo; Jan Lytje-Hansen, ViaBill; Dee Choubey, MoneyLion; TX Zhuo, Fika Ventures
00:21:00 6/25/2018

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