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From the camera to special effects, technology makes the world of TV & Film possible. Web Summit offers listeners an exploration into technology's impact on TV & Film content, production, distribution, and marketing, specifically in light of the popularization of web channels.


The rise of the celebrity activist

Rosario Dawson of Studio 189 and Sara Sampaio of Victoria's Secret took to the stage with Matt Garrahan of the Financial Times to discuss why big names lend their support and brand to a cause and if their involvement makes a difference
00:20:01 9/16/2018

Past Episodes

Sara Sampaio of Victoria's Secret took to the stage to talk about how the role of being a model has changed for the better in recent years. And how social media and tech and helped to give a voice to models of the next generation.
00:20:16 9/16/2018
The digital director of Donald Trump's election campaign, Brad Parscale, and former deputy chief of staff in the Trump White House, Katie Walsh, discuss the challenges they overcame to deliver the biggest election shock-result in modern times and continued political support for President Trump's policy agenda.
00:19:42 9/16/2018
Olympian Allison Wagner, George Papandreou, olympian Caitlyn Jenner, and WIRED Magazine's David Rowan on whether the Olympic brand can restore credibility and recreate the magic of times gone by.
00:24:22 9/16/2018
NFL players Marques Colston, Isaiah Kacyvenski, and Coby Fleener with Discovery Inc's Adam Zuckerman at Collision Conf 2018. What are the consumer tech trends to watch? Hear from three pro football stars in this unique session which examines how a phenomenon like AI and blockchain will impact athletes and their fans. Guests: Marques Colston, NFL; Isaiah Kacyvenski, NFL Players Association; Coby Fleener, NFL; Adam Zuckerman, Discovery, Inc.
00:21:26 8/9/2018
Tinder's new CEO Elie Seidman speaks publicly for the first time about his vision for the company's future, innovation, and how Tinder is fuelling today's social culture. Guests: Elie Seidman, Tinder; JP Mangalindan, Yahoo Finance
00:35:15 7/27/2018
Hollywood believes more and more in big budget 'tentpole' movies, and Legendary Pictures is one of the group, making many blockbusters such as Jurassic World and two The Dark Knight movies. Big data and analytics became a secret weapon for Legendary to improve its economic performance in this sector. Guest Matt Marolda shares how big data and analytics can change the traditional movie industry, and how far it can go?
00:27:19 7/24/2018
Are we in a post truth world? The media landscape has been dominated by the idea of "Fake News" but how dangerous is "Fake News" and will we ever find a way to move past it? This web summit addresses how can technology help to deal with trust in the media and discusses how news organizations are using technology to remain transparent. Guests: Sally Buzbee, Associated Press; James Goldston, ABC News; Sabrina Siddiqui, The Guardian
00:22:00 7/9/2018
How can business leaders and marketers use their voice and play a role in creating a more just society. The Ad Council's Lisa Sherman talks about their "Love has no labels" campaign and it's positive portrayal of the human experience while addressing unconscious bias. Guests: Meredith Verdone, Bank of America; Michael Sneed, Johnson & Johnson; Lisa Sherman, The Advertising Council
00:30:00 7/3/2018
In this web summit guest Anjali Sud discusses Vimeo's move to a subscription based content provider. Guests: Anjali Sud, Vimeo; Erin Griffith, WIRED
00:22:00 6/25/2018
Features the CEO of Heineken Ian Wilson. What does the future of selling beer look like? As tech develops he talks about how his company has adjusted their marketing strategy for social media development and selling beer in a mobile first world.
00:18:00 6/25/2018

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