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From the camera to special effects, technology makes the world of TV & Film possible. Web Summit offers listeners an exploration into technology's impact on TV & Film content, production, distribution, and marketing, specifically in light of the popularization of web channels.


Web Summit: TV & Film

Truth, Lies and Money: The News Business in 2018

Join this discussion about the beleaguered yet thriving business of deep journalism in modern times. Guests: Mike Isikoff, Yahoo; Kim Masters, The Hollywood Reporter; James Fall, Author
00:24:00 1/25/2019

Past Episodes

Can streaming services replace the traditional sports broadcasters as the go-to place to watch live sport? Guests: John Skipper, DAZN Group; Jemele Hill, Atlantic Media
00:24:00 1/18/2019
Despite the failure of the ad-only experiment, media still persist. Paywalls are slow to come to the rescue, so how can we save the publishing industry from itself? Guests: Ev Williams, Medium; Laurie Segall, CNN
00:28:00 1/11/2019
The WWE has embraced female sport like no other organization and Stephanie McMahon tells us how this initiative continues to remain a priority for the organization. Guests: Stephanie McMahon, Chief Brand Officer - WWE; Kurt Wagner, Senior Editor - Recode
00:00:00 1/4/2019
Aaron Loeb, president of FoxNext Studios and A STAR IS BORN Producer Heather Parry covering how creative IP is being redefined and reimagined by a new generation of creatives, decision makers and audiences. Guests: Aaron Loeb, President of Studios - FoxNext Games; Heather Parry, Chief Content Officer - Live Nation; Cherie Hu, Tech Columnist - Billboard
00:19:00 12/27/2018
Communities have migrated, en-mass, online. There is no city or country as big as the internet. This session explores the altered behaviors such as bullying that emerge when people are in a community but have no physical contact with each other. Guests: Karuna Nain, Facebook; Ian Bohen, Hollywood; Catherine Teitelbaum, Kik; Alex Holmes, The Diana Award
00:30:00 12/21/2018
Data literacy is fast becoming the essential skill of the future. Companies need to re-organize around data, with workers from HR to finance to marketing being re-skilled and re-trained to capitalize on the data boom. Guest: Gaurav Dhillon, SnapLogic
00:27:00 12/14/2018
As nuTonomy and others in the autonomous vehicle industry continue to make strides in the development of driverless vehicle software, we find ourselves closer to commercial models becoming a reality. In addition to closely focusing on building the technology, competitors in AV also have a responsibility to deploy this new wave of transportation in a manner that feels safe to the general public. Join Karl Iagnemma, head of Aptiv's Automated Mobility on Demand unit and president of nuTonomy, alongside Anne Riley Moffat of Bloomberg as they explore public perception of AV safety and the role of transparency, uniformity, and consistency from industry players. Guests: Karl Iagnemma, NuTonomy; Anne Riley Moffat, Bloomberg News
00:25:00 12/6/2018
Data continues to play an increasing role in decision making. With the onset of automation, are we in danger of giving data too much power? And what are the golden opportunities that many SaaS companies should be aware of? Guests: Node Co-Founder Falon Fatemi, Branch Founder Mada Seghete and  Yahoo Finance/USA TODAY Contributor Rob Pegoraro
00:25:00 11/30/2018
Listen in as the panelists converse about how to find hidden stories within datasets. Guests: Lukasz Pawlowski, Microsoft; Troy Thibodeaux, Associated Press; Rani Molla, ReCode; Ben Rudolph, Microsoft
00:26:00 11/22/2018
With over 100 million monthly visitors and ranking 2017's number-one online news outlet, how does CNN survive and thrive in a time of geopolitical upheaval? Meredith Artley Editor in Chief of CNN Digital will outline how CNN and other news brands are thriving. Guest: Meredith Artley, CNN Digital
00:14:56 11/16/2018

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