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Movies, Products & Gifts. If it's Christmas, Tori & Heather are all about it!


We're So Xtra


It's HERE! Love to YOU for celebrating each day with us :-) We promise to check back in January. XOXO, Tori & Heather
00:06:20 12/25/2018

Past Episodes

Hallmark's "Mingle All The Way," Thyme (Is on your side), Northwest Harvest
00:05:57 12/24/2018
"Married By Christmas," Amazon PRIME delivers Same Day! Northwest Harvest
00:09:06 12/23/2018
"Eve's Christmas," Onepiece.com (The greatest Onesies EVER), Northwest Harvest
00:04:46 12/22/2018
"Christmas Belle," Cinder the bear, DIY Kid's Gift & Northwest Harvest
00:08:09 12/21/2018
"Ex Girlfriends Of Christmas Past," Too Cool TShirt Quilts & Northwest Harvest
00:07:55 12/20/2018
Hallmark's "Majestic Christmas," Amazon has 90's gifts! Northwest Harvest
00:06:40 12/19/2018
Hulu's "The Truth About Christmas," (Then Heather goes on a tangent about Facebook, Relationship Rules and Cheating) Embr Wave & Northwest Harvest
00:10:28 12/18/2018
Holiday Engagement, Clearly Loved Pets (Dog playpen/Crate option) & Northwest Harvest
00:07:40 12/17/2018
Hulu's "So This Is Christmas," Crafty Gift Idea For Kids, Northwest Harvest
00:08:07 12/16/2018
Free Rein: The 12 Neighs Of Christmas, Crisis Text Line, Northwest Harvest
00:08:40 12/15/2018

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