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Travel the world with Zane Lamprey (host of travel shows on Netflix, NatGeo, Travel Channel, Food Network) as he spotlights a location he's visited while shooting his travel shows ("Three Sheets", "Drinking Made Easy", "Have Fork, Will Travel", "Chug", and "Zane's World" on YouTube). Each episode focuses on a different city/country as Zane and his co-hosts break down the best attractions, food & beverage stops, and interesting locations in each destination. Zane is joined by Steve McKenna (co-host of "Drinking Made Easy"), Hess Wesley (producer of Zane's World), Erica Elstro (VP of Adv3nture apparel) and sometimes Mel (Zane's wife, and produced of "Drinking Made Easy" and "Chug"). As a world traveler, author, and alcohol aficionado Zane Lamprey is well learned in the art of embracing a good time. When he is not shooting or working at Adv3nture, Zane likes to reflect on the amazing stories, interesting characters, and crazy adventures he has encountered during his travels. Zane uses this background and his inquisitive personality to discover new and exciting things so that he may share them with listeners. The Zane Lamprey Show is a weekly podcast dedicated to taking listeners to a new location and sharing stories, unique experiences, and the information to make for an entertaining hour. In addition to Zane's vast knowledge of beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails, Zane is an expert traveler who has been to 64 countries. Zane's World is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Zanes.World every Tuesday. Follow Zane on Facebook and Twitter to get updates about new shows.


Zane's World

Celebrity Race Car Etiquette with Adam Carolla

Zane kicks it with the man himself, Adam Carolla, as they talk about cars, travel bucket lists and booze laws. Also, Zane, Erica and Steve get you hip to the spots on the globe where you might live out your life the longest as well as Zane's trip to Texas.
01:22:00 11/21/2018

Past Episodes

Zane and crew welcome comedian Dino Archie to talk about comedy on the road, performing on Jimmy Kimmel, substances on stage and getting out speeding tickets via friendship. Also, the gang talks about legendary road trips, coffin endurance and miracle back rubs.
01:39:00 11/14/2018
On the debut of ZANE'S WORLD on PodcastOne, Zane and the crew are joined by Tory Belleci for some MYTHBUSTERS memories, pumpkin launching, Indy race cars and the time Zane tried to surprise Steve in Paris. Zane, Steve and Mel are back with some travel news including selfies gone wrong, defunct airlines and why you shouldn't bring a port-a-potty on an airplane.
01:38:00 11/7/2018
The foxy Jayme Foxx (host of CMT's "Tattoo Titans" & "Business Outlaws Podcast") joins us to talk about her favorite international city, Helsinki! Listen, learn, and fall in love (with Jayme, Helsinki, or both!)
01:12:00 7/2/2018
St. Louis w/ Dave Holmes
01:23:00 6/25/2018
Cancun w/ Dan Wells
01:06:00 6/18/2018
Memphis w/ DJ Paul
01:06:37 6/7/2018
Donald Shultz (Wild Recon, Nitro Circus) give the world's most interesting man as run for his money. He talks about growing up in South Africa, how safe it really is, and gives INCREDIBLE insight for people who want to visit.
01:46:00 5/14/2018
Daniel Lissing, Aussie heartthrob and star of "When Calls the Heart" takes us to his hometown of Sydney. As one of Zane's favorite cities on the planet, you'll listen to this episode and then jump online to buy a flight. We talk beaches, sharks, and learn about how to avoid "drop bear" encounters.
01:40:23 5/9/2018
The brilliant Brian Unger ("How the States Got Their Shapes" & "Always Sunny in Philadelphia") takes us home to Louisville, Kentucky. The largest city in the Bluegrass State is know for it's love affair with bourbon, over 100 years of the Kentucky Derby, and a vital piece of the Civil War. We break all of that down, and Brian tells about his first hand experience with an F4 tornado, shares some history of the state, and admits that Louisville is one of his favorite cities in the US.
01:54:00 4/23/2018
Comedian Bert Kreischer ("Trip Flip" & "Bert the Conquerer") tells us incredible stories about his visit to Queenstown, New Zealand. Known as the "Adrenaline Capital of the World", Queenstown is the birthplace of bungie jumping, but also offers many hair-raising activities. You know New Zealand as the backdrop for "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit", but after listening to this episode, you'll want to go there even more.
01:42:25 4/16/2018

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