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A weekly Mizzou sports podcast where Brandon Kiley and Jeff Parles give their takes on the week in Mizzou athletics, including the ups, the downs and everything in-between.


Zou in the Lou

Zou in the Lou: Mizzou finishes in the top 25, and it's bowling season!

BK and Jeff are back with the latest episode of Zou in The Lou. The guys open up by discussing the news that the Tigers broke into the top 25 for the first time since 2014 (2:00). From there, Jeff and BK discuss which bowl games are realistic - and what would be the best-case scenario for the Tigers (13:20). Plus, the likelihood of a contract extension for Barry Odom (22:30), and the guys finish up by grading each position group based on their performance this season (30:00).
00:53:46 11/28/2018

Past Episodes

BK and Jeff kick things off by discussing Mizzou's ugly win against Vandy. Do the Tigers win that game if it was played a month ago (2:00)? After that, the guys dive into a topic that seems to divide the fanbase: What are realistic expectations at Missour? Should 8-4 be viewed as a successful season (15:00)? Finally, what should we expect this weekend against Tennessee (28:30)?
00:31:04 11/14/2018
BK and Jeff are back to break down Barry Odom's first signature win at Mizzou. The guys discuss Mizzou's new identity (4:00), how Odom's start to his career compares to previous Mizzou coaches (12:30), and why Emanuel Hall may be the most valuable non-QB in the country (21:00).
00:29:41 11/7/2018
Jeff and BK are back to discuss a heartbreaking loss for Mizzou, the call that made it all possible (8:00), third & 2 (12:30), and a silver lining to take from the loss (19:00). Plus, the guys discuss what this game says about Drew Lock (27:30), and what it means for Barry Odom's future at Missouri (34:00).
00:47:36 10/28/2018
BK and Jeff are back to discuss a huge weekend for both the Mizzou football and basketball teams. They open up by discussing the impact of Jontay Porter's injury (1:00) & why a Cuonzo Martin weekend should give fans faith that he can overcome losses on the recruiting trail (12:00). After that, BK & Jeff move to the football side to break down a huge win over Memphis (15:00), and whether fans should consider Kentucky a "signature win" for Barry Odom & Drew Lock (21:00).
00:37:40 10/23/2018
BK and Jeff are back to recap Mizzou's excruciating loss against South Carolina. How unlikely was that loss? It was a 5-percenter! Jeff and BK explain what that means (2:00). Plus, what should we make of Drew Lock's struggles against quality opponents (12:00), the road to redemption for Barry Odom (21:00), why Odom might have more security than we think (30:00)... And about that 2-point attempt (34:00). All that and plenty more in a jam-packed episode of Zou in the Lou.
00:41:51 10/7/2018
BK and Jeff are back to preview the South Carolina matchup, and to discuss the news that 4-star St. Louis basketball prospect EJ Liddell committed to Ohio State. The guys open up with the keys to the South Carolina game (3:00), whether there's anything that could happen on Saturday to completely shift season expectations (15:00), and finish off with reaction to the EJ Liddell news (24:00).
00:32:28 10/2/2018
BK and Jeff break down Mizzou's 14-point loss at home against Georgia. 2:00 - The guys discuss the silver linings from the loss, and why they came out of the game more optimistic than they went into it. 10:00 - Plus, they go through the strange calls from the game and which one was the most egregious. 18:00 - The guys finish off by discussing why South Carolina might be the most important game of Barry Odom's tenure.
00:24:24 9/23/2018

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