Emily Morse is a sex & relationship expert, author, talk show host & Bravo TV star. Sex With Emily is her podcast about sex, relationships and everything in between. As a "sexpert," Emily is known for her non-judgmental advice, accessibility and humor.


Show and Tell to Orgasm Well

On today's show, Emily is taking calls and giving you ways to reawaken sexual attraction over the long term, because the honeymoon phase isn't everlasting. She's helping listeners to understand why you should love your vagina - inside and out, how taking time for yourself after a divorce is crucial for self-growth, and why showing someone how you like to be touched is a whole lot sexier than just telling them. Thank you for supporting our sponsors who help keep the show FREE: Beachbody On Demand, Adam & Eve, Magic Wand, Womanizer
00:55:33 1/12/2018

Past Episodes

On today's show, Emily is taking your calls and helping you discover ways to be your new sexual self. She's giving her insights as to why taking time after a breakup is crucial for your sexual and mental health, how to tell your partner you need more foreplay in bed without it turning into a joke, why it's better to cut ties than to hope you can change someone, and how to retrain that dating muscle and confidently get back in the game after a long-term marriage. Thank you for supporting our sponsors who help keep the show FREE: UVee, Shop With Emily, Intensity, JO Jellies
00:54:01 1/9/2018
On today's show, Emily's compiled some highlights of her favorite interviews with expert guests who all share the same goal - helping people have the best sex and relationships they can. She's joined by physician and radio/television host Dr. Drew, sex and relationship coach John Wineland, author and dating expert Zara Barrie, and sex therapist Cyndi Darnell who give their insights and expertise on an array of topics. From maintaining "lust" in long-term relationships to the different ways men and women think about pleasure to the realities of lesbian sex - there's so much that can be learned from this show. Thank you for supporting our sponsors who help keep the show FREE: Beachbody On Demand, Adam & Eve, Magic Wand
01:05:13 1/5/2018
Happy New Year! On today's show, Emily and Menace are talking about having the best sex and relationships in 2018, and specific ways to make it happen. The two discuss the forgotten art of the tease and how to master it, the future of sex tech and what it may look like this year, and why marijuana smokers may be having more sex than you. Plus, how to you talk to your partner about their flaccid member, why some people would rather give than receive oral sex, and how sometimes, a person's sexual past may actually be a turn on. We're starting off the new year with a bang!
00:44:47 1/2/2018
It's the last show of 2017! On today's show, Emily is joined by Deputy Jamie to reflect on the best and the worst sex of the year, and what lessons can be learned to make sure 2018 is full of the greatest sex yet. Emily and Jamie discuss what it really means to change sexually. From prioritizing intimacy to feeling the lasting emotional benefits from sexual afterglow, they cover everything you need to become a more attentive lover. Also, why watching lesbian porn is totally cool, and how to deliver just the right amount of kink.
00:42:53 12/29/2017
Today's throwback podcast is a live recording of Emily's 10 year anniversary show at the Hollywood Improv. Emily shares how it all began at her kitchen table and reveals, for the first time, the story behind how she got started, her challenges around podcasting back in 2005 to now, and how talking about sex for a living definitely impacts her personal and professional life. Emily also has Menace, Anderson, and Dr. Drew on stage to talk about some of their favorite moments, as well as a live Q&A from the audience. This episode is full of awesome and funny memories from the last decade of sex talk, plus everything that has made Sex With Emily what it is today. Thank you for supporting our sponsors who help keep the show FREE: Intensity, System JO, Mystery Vibe, SKYN
01:15:03 12/26/2017
Happy holidays! On today's show, Emily is joined by Menace to talk about what really matters in the bedroom, and guys, it isn't penis size. The two discuss the benefits of manscaping and how it can enhance sensations, why sex noises can make the experience better, tips for beginner back-door play, and how you shouldn't compare your body or skills to what you see in porn, because that's not real sex. Plus, they talk about the future of sex robots, what the ideal one will look like, and the inevitability of virtual reality sex. Thank you for supporting our sponsors who help keep the show FREE: Adam & Eve, Womanizer, Magic Wand, Fleshlight
00:48:37 12/22/2017
On today's show, Emily is joined by Anderson and the two are helping callers embrace sexy opportunities and be their most confident selves - on a date and in the bedroom. They talk about how to communicate your needs to a partner and have them actually hear you, what to do when one person avoids sex talk altogether, and how to detox from a toxic ex who made you question your own sexiness. Plus, Emily catches us up on her most recent sex adventure - because there's no shame in a hot hook up. Thank you for supporting our sponsors who help keep the show FREE: Shop With Emily, Mystery Vibe, Intensity, System JO Jellies
01:05:18 12/19/2017
On today's show, Emily is joined by sociologist and sexologist Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus to talk about the best ways to communicate your sexual boundaries and how to share what works and what doesn't work for you in the bedroom - all with confidence. They discuss what managing consent is like in today's world, how being a mindful masturbator will help you learn about your body so you can share your needs, and why both partners need to be invested in making sex hot in a relationship. Because hey, it takes two to tango. Thank you for supporting our sponsors who help keep the show FREE: We-Vibe, Adam & Eve, Magic Wand, Sportsheets
00:53:48 12/15/2017
Today's show is the first ever interview mashup. Emily has been so inspired by her guests this year, so she's picked a few of her favorite interviews with people who gave us some real honest and insightful looks into their sex lives. Emily is joined by her good friends and fellow podcasters, Amy and April, Jason Ellis, pornstar Joanna Angel, and three everyday guys who were willing to tell all. Emily chats with them about everything from open relationships to the wildest sex acts they've encountered. There's a little something for everyone in this very intimate and revealing show. Hey, it's an interview orgy. Thank you for supporting our sponsors who help keep the show FREE: Hello Fresh, Womanizer, Fleshlight, Intensity
00:58:29 12/12/2017
On today's throwback show, Emily is giving her best tips on proper communication - in the dating world, long term relationships, and of course, in the bedroom. Emily, along with Anderson, reveal some surprising statistics about contraception and libido, as well as how many people actually hook up at the gym. Plus, Emily helps listeners dealing with jealousy, orgasm dishonesty, and opening up your partner to something new in the bedroom - all through the best lubrication: communication! Thank you for supporting our sponsors who help keep the show FREE: SKYN, Adam & Eve, Magic Wand , System JO Jellies
00:39:24 12/8/2017

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