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Clark Howard 09.18.17

Topics: Gas prices dropping and commute times increasing; FL home builders want inferior building standards; Equifax breach update 

2103 9/18/2017

Past Episodes

Topics: Clark Stinks; Clark interviews Dr. Drew for the Save the Males campaign
2081 9/15/2017
Topics: Self-driving cars reluctance wanes; Clark's take on the new iPhone - and how to save money on it
2103 9/14/2017
Topics: More info on the Equifax hack; Southwest credit card deal is amazing!; State's considering fiduciary laws
2107 9/13/2017
Topics: Equifax now offering free credit freeze in wake of Equihack; Epipen maker botches recall; Mortgage rates are ripe for refi
2101 9/12/2017
Topics: Clark answers listener questions about the Equifax breach; Advice for Irma evacuees and hurricane help
2099 9/11/2017
Topics: Clark Stinks; Clark blasts Equifax over credit breach
2087 9/8/2017
Topics: Verizon Up is a new initiative that wants to spy on you; Walmart is now on Google Express
2108 9/7/2017
Topics: Hurricane Irma; Flood insurance scams; T-Mobile gives away free Netflix
2101 9/6/2017
Topics: Drone usage in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey; Wells Fargo scandal widens; Minnesota dealing with health insurance brilliantly
2087 9/5/2017

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