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LI Podcast 091817

Amb. Bolton: 'Trump Does Not Have Control Over the State Department; He Needs to Staff People That Run With His Foreign Policy Agenda'

01:15:00 9/18/2017

Past Episodes

Sara Carter: Susan Rice's Testimony Exonerates Devin Nunes, We Have Seen an Exponential Rise of Unmasking Incidences for Political Purposes
01:15:00 9/15/2017
Sen. Paul: 'Trump Violating Pledge On The Wall at His Own Peril; Not Sure How the Base Reacts'
01:15:00 9/14/2017
Steve Cortes: 'Immigration Is Clearly a Sovereign Nation Issue; This Pope Should Never Comment on Politics, Especially Regarding DACA'
01:15:00 9/13/2017
Gov. Abbott: 'Seamless & Well Run Operation During Hurricane Harvey, But We Do Need More Assets on the Ground'
01:15:00 9/12/2017
Rep. DeSantis: 'Steve Bannon's Comments on the Establishment & the Swamp Has Merit; Everyone Needs to Push the Trump Agenda'
01:15:00 9/11/2017
Pat Buchanan: 'The Bush Establishment Republican Ideology Is All Over; If the GOP Wants to Be Productive, Work For Trump's Agenda'
01:15:00 9/8/2017
Newt Gingrich: If Republicans Don't Get Tax Cuts Done By Thanksgiving - 'It's Over'
01:15:00 9/7/2017
Ben Carson: 'The FEMA Trailers May Not Workout to Well; Asking Citizens to House Their Neighbors'

Sheriff Clarke: 'The Constitution Is The Bedrock of Our Society; Too Many Emotional Immigration Stories Getting In The Way of the Rule of Law'
01:15:00 9/6/2017
Sen. Cotton: 'If Trump Ends DACA Abruptly It Would Put Congress In Disarray; American People Support Ending This Unconstitutional Program'

Mark Krikorian: 'Jared & Ivanka Probably Delayed the DACA Repeal; Trump Should Have Ended This Program Day One'
01:15:00 9/5/2017

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