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Clay Travis - An American sports journalist, writer, and television analyst on Sexual Harassment in the work place 'It's just a total mine field when youre at work trying to deal with perceptions and reality.'

Texas Sheriff Arvin West on border patrol attack 'they both received severe injuries and as a result of that one of them is dead.'

Todd Chatman - Radio marketing for Food for the Poor
'it's incredible the difference our listeners will make over this holiday season'
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01:15:00 11/21/2017

Past Episodes

Byron York - Chief Political Correspondent, Columnist for the Washington Examiner, and Fox News Contributor on Hillary Clinton comments about Al Franken in Rita Cosby interview 'She just doesn't have a lot of credibility on this issue'

John Heubusch - Executive Director of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, Author of The Shroud Conspiracy (Released March of 2017) on Reagan 'this was a guy who had real values and ideals'
01:15:00 11/20/2017
Guest Host Brett Winterble welcomes Rep. Ralph Norman and Former Transgendered person Walt Heyer.
01:15:00 11/17/2017
Guest Host John Hinderaker talks Veterans Day protests at Edina High School with student Jasmine Edmund and parent Phil Ebner. Then is joined by Congressman Ron DeSantis to talk Special Counsels.
01:15:00 11/16/2017
Greta Van Susteren - Former Television Reporter and Commentator, Author of Everything You Need to Know About Social Media (Without Having to Call a Kid), out November 14 on Sexual Harassment Classes "Those classes didn't work for a lot of people"

Rep. Jim Jordan - R-OH, Member of the House Freedom Caucus "we don't know what Jeff Sessions is recused from and what he isn't"
01:15:00 11/15/2017
Steve Flowers - Alabama political columnist, commentator, and historian
"The Majority of Alabamians do not support Roy Moore"

Matt Rosendale - Montana State Auditor and Insurance Commissioner, Republican Candidate for Senate in Montana, Endorsed by the Great Amercia Alliance on Roy Moore accusations:
"We are a country of laws, lets let the legal system work out and see where this lands"
01:15:00 11/14/2017
Stephen B. Presser: WaPo Has Used The Nuclear Option on Roy Moore; There's Been a Herd Mentality with the Rush to Judgment Calling Him a Pedophile

Graham Allison: China seeks to displace the United States, and it is on Track to Do So
01:15:00 11/13/2017
Greta Van Susteren - Former Television Reporter and Commentator, Author of Everything You Need to Know About Social Media (Without Having to Call a Kid), out November 14 on Louis CK Media Reaction: Where have they been on this, this is no surprise.

Larry Kudlow - CNBC Senior Contributor, economic analyst, television personality, and newspaper columnist on Trump China trip: I really think he played his cards very well.
01:15:00 11/10/2017
Michael Pillsbury: Trump Using a Smart Approach in China, Using Their Own Culture Against Them

Foster Friess: I Never Would've Considered Running Had Bannon Not Called Me Up And Asked
01:15:00 11/9/2017
Victor Davis Hanson - Historian, military scholar, columnist and Hoover Institute Senior Fellow on Anti-Trump Republicans: they're gonna be sheep left to wolves unless they join the sheepherder.

Rep. Dave Brat - Republican Congressman (VA-7)on Tax Reform: if you don't get this spending under control, you lose the country.
01:15:00 11/8/2017

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