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398: Cars For Mom, Bathwater Hatches, Young And Stupid

When moms want manual transmissions in their fun cars, who are we to disagree? Both Johnny FD and Adam J. in Ohio are helping their moms shop for interesting cars that offer good performance at a reasonable price. Social media questions discuss the hesitancy in buying European cars, giving back press car loans, and sports cars in popular culture... Pilgrimage 2019 is open for reservations! Join the guys in Germany and Belgium for their annual bucket-list driving adventure at the Nürburgring Nordschleife and Spa-Francorchamps tracks, with details found on everydaydriver.com. Season 4 TV is also now available on Amazon Prime and Vimeo worldwide. Please rate and review the podcast on iTunes, the Everyday Driver show on IMDB and Amazon, and write to us with your Topic Tuesday discussions and podcast debates at everydaydrivertv@gmail.com or everydaydriver.com. Thanks for listening and share the podcast with your fellow car enthusiast friends!

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