Hammered Heroes (And Villains)

Bill "Spaceman" Lee "Take Your Rearview Mirrors Off and Never Look Back" (w/ Ben Lyons)

On this episode, Brendan and Sophie are joined by sports fanatic Ben Lyons, co-host of the Apple+ show "Bonjour Sports Talk, co-executive producer of the new sports talk show for Amazon, "PRIME VIDEO SPORTS TALK," and EP of "SPACEMAN" starring Josh Duhamel. They dive into, the man, the myth, the legend, Bill "Spaceman" Lee. But first, they discuss two men who were accused of stuffing fish with weights to win a fishing tournament. They cover Spaceman's post-Spaceman career and discuss Jimmy G. Buckets. As well as what it's like being the son of Boston Redsox superfan Jeffrey Lyons. 

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