Big Shot Bob Pod with Robert Horry

Robert Horry says to scrap the All-Star Game, disagrees with the Hawks firing Nate McMillan, and predicts the NBA Finals winner on the FINAL episode of the Big Shot Bob Pod

We open the FINAL episode of the show by discussing the lackluster NBA All-Star Game, and Robert admits he hates it and thinks they should scrap the entire weekend. Rob admits that all the players want the accolades but treat it like a thorn in their side, and Mac McClung made a name for himself by winning the Dunk Contest. And Vernon Maxwell's reaction to the game in Salt Lake City was hilarious. We also discuss Jordan Clarkson's bling, how Rob has none because that's not who he was, and his flashiest teammate was Shaq. Rob also really disagrees with the Hawks decision to move on from Nate McMillan because Rob thinks Nate is a great coach and a great person, and feels like players like Trae Young need to fall in line and become better teammates in order to find success in Atlanta. We also discuss Russell Westbook in LA with the Clippers, where Rob says he'll have to fall in line with Kawhi and Ty Lue to succeed. We also ask Rob to look into his crystal ball and predict who will meet in the NBA Finals this summer, and who will win it... and his pick is interesting. Caleb and Jason are our live callers for the final show, we send some huge thanks to Robert Horry for his time, and we play a final hilarious round of Black Crime or White Crime! THANK YOU for 108 awesome episodes!!

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