Big Shot Bob Pod with Robert Horry

Robert Horry talks NBA Finals, Draymond's attitude on the court, preferential treatment and Rasheed's impact on Anthony David on the Big Shot Bob Podcast

Robert Horry opens the show this week with a random conversation about who is the best Batman, and who was the best Joker... which leads to a conversation about classic movie soundtracks and iconic movies that we've never seen. Plus Rob talks about his trip to New York for the NBA Finals party, and meeting rappers and performers that knew who he was but he didn't know them because he's an old man now. Rob also has advice for Al Horford and the Celtics, and lays out exactly what they need to do to win the NBA Finals - and in turn where Draymond Green's attitude on the court pays off, and where it hurts the Warriors. And Rob does NOT agree with Draymond's sentiment that he has earned preferential treatment. Plus Rob thinks the addition of Rasheed Wallace to the Lakers coaching staff will pay big dividends for Anthony Davis, even if they don't get along. And does Rob ever get recognized out in public, Aaron Donald's pay raise, an inspiring Big Shot of the Week, and an NBA Finals edition of the NBA Emoji Game!

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