Big Shot Bob Pod with Robert Horry

Robert Horry thinks Dame haters need to make up their minds, doesn't believe he's wasting his career and has advice for Shariff O'Neal on the Big Shot Bob Pod

Robert Horry kicks off the show by talking about the trip he is taking to Germany for the Lakers, as he will be doing clinics for kids and has a brief stopover in Amsterdam which makes him nervous. Plus Rob and the crew dive into the Dame Lillard criticisms from the week, and Rob takes up for Dame by saying he has not wasted his career if he stays in Portland and says if JR Smith was offered Dame's money he wouldn't care about winning either. So if Dame stays in Portland and doesn't win a ring, did he waste his career? Rob doesn't think so but the debate ensues. Plus Rob thinks Shariff O'Neal needs a little more of his father's fight in him. And the Jerry Jones hot water this week gets us to talking about old folks and their old-timey ways. Plus an inspiring Big Shot of the Week, and a hilarious round of Black Crime or White Crime.

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