Big Shot Bob Pod with Robert Horry

Robert Horry was in Houston for the Rockets drafting Jabari Smith, tries the figure out the Knicks moves and speaks to the legacy of Kevin Durant on the Big Shot Bob Pod

Robert Horry spent the week in Houston doing Draft events for the Rockets, and was on hand when Houston picked Jabari Smith at #3. He says Jabari reminds him of Kevin Durant, in that he's skinny and athletic, and likes the pick for the Rockets as they start to rebuild. Draft memories also boil up for Rob, and we find out that he actually attended the 1992 NBA Draft ALONE, he had no one with him at the time and thinks he might be the only player to ever go to the Draft by himself. Plus we talk about partying with your kids, Rob's wrestling adventure in Las Vegas, and we all try to figure out the Knicks moves as they try to acquire Jalen Brunson. And we ask Rob what Kyrie's option pick-up means for the future of Kevin Durant, who really needs to win to solidify his NBA legacy. Plus Rob never misses a chance to dump on his agents as we discuss Freddie Freeman's emotional return to Atlanta, then firing his agent, and Rob speaks to the importance of staying involved with your agent. We close it out with a round of Rapid Fire - including questions about motorcycles, Rob's career aspirations, and the misadventures of teenage boys.

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