"LadyGang" is a celebrity driven podcast from the minds and mouths of Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek, and Becca Tobin where no subject is off limits. Inspired by their bottomless mimosa brunches, each week, a celebrity guest joins the girls for a raw, honest, and hilarious look at what life is really like under the bright lights of Hollywood.


DeMario Jackson

Bachelor In Paradise's (AND JAC'S ALLEGED FUTURE HUSBAND) DeMario Jackson comes on the podcast to talk about his time in Bachelor Nation and how he came came to meet Jac before playing a demented version of the dating game to determine the strength of their budding relationship.
01:00:00 2/20/2018

Past Episodes

Singing sensation Rachel Platten talks about the highs and lows of fame since her first hit single, then joins the ladies to decide which of the Sexiest Men Alive are actually hunky or extremely overrated! And then maybe some other people enter the studio as well! *coughcouch Lea Michele cough cough*
01:10:00 2/13/2018
The Ladies are back in the news--but not for any scandalous behavior on their part--to give you their latest take on the hottest headlines, including: The PrattDaddy's new podcast, the possibility of The Hills reunion, Nutella riots, Tom Hardy's newest tattoo, Quincy Jones' multiple wives, Beyonce's earrings, Katie Holmes dating Jamie Foxx, bathroom surprises, and so much more!
00:59:00 2/6/2018
Actress, writer and producer Annika Marks joins the LadyGang to talk about working on the new miniseries Waco and what exactly the short film G Spots? on her IMDB page is all about, then plays a rousing game of which celebrity cults she'd be interested in joining in real life. Let's hope for a wonderful harvest of bananas this year--pun definitely intended.
00:58:00 1/30/2018
The LadyGang gets topical yet again with another edition of Wassa Happening! They talk about everything in the news including: back-ally IUDs on Facebook Marketplace, Brad Pitt casually dating again, January Jones and Bachelor's Nick dating (allegedly), two official new breeds of dogs, Allure magazine's haircut of 2018, Selena Gomez' mom's opinion on Justin Bieber, CVS no longer using Photoshop, a new personality type, and more!
00:57:00 1/23/2018
Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood's Masika Kalysha graces the studio today to talk about the surprises and tricks she''s learned about pregnancy and labor, working with Ray J and the authenticity of his now-famous sex tape, and her latest single!
00:52:00 1/16/2018
In their first ever live podcast from Wanderlust in LA, The Ladies bring the podcast to you! Along with social media star Spencer Pratt, they read mean tweets, play a special version on Wassa Happening? and give out some Lady Boxes with a riveting round of LadyGang trivia!
01:11:00 1/9/2018
The Ladies get to know Yesika Salgado--an internet catfished-turned-poet--who talks about growing up Salvadoran and learning to be role model for body positivity, as well as her new book "Corazón" available now.
00:52:00 1/2/2018
Singer-songwriter ZZ Ward graces the Ladies with her presence to talk about her music career and her most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on-stage, then plays another thrilling round of "F-Marry-Kill" with some of the best answers yet!
00:59:00 12/26/2017
Actor and singer-songwriter Darren Criss returns to the LadyGang studio to talk about his exciting music career, as well as how he got attached to crime drama "The Assassination of Gianni Versace," the secretly awesome Penélope Cruz, and his scandalous entry into the Internet Nude Picture Club! Stay tuned for a live performance of his single "I Don't Mind."
00:55:00 12/19/2017
Actress and singer Joely Fisher joins the LadyGang to talk about her experience in Hollywood and her new book "Growing Up Fisher: Musings, Memories, and Misadventures," as well as growing up in a celebrity dynasty and the tragic loss of sister Carrie Fisher earlier this year.
01:12:00 12/12/2017
Make up extraordinaire Patrick Starrr meets up with the lades to talk about his road to success, collabing on new make up lines with major stars like Mariah Carey and Kim Kardashian, and his new show on SnapChat!
01:03:00 12/5/2017
Comedian and actress Anjelah Johnson talks about her rise to stardom from her hilarious internet videos, her very-handsome hubby, her stint as an NFL cheerleader, and trying to navigate the world of comedy in the rise of PC culture.
01:04:00 11/28/2017
In another exciting edition of Wassa Happening, the ladies tackle the latest news topics of the day including Taylor Swift's decent haircut, Seth Rogan using make up, Nico Tortorella's polyamorous relationship, Britney Spears' painting career, Rita Ora going undercover as herself, Brooklyn Beckham's relationship status, and more!
01:00:00 11/21/2017
Emmy nominated actress and Pam of "The Office" Jenna Fischer joins the Ladies in studio to promote her book "The Actor's Life: A Survival Guide" that chronicles her journey through Hollywood--from her work as an over-the-phone psychic to her awkward audition with Larry David to her lovely story about Molly Shannon.
01:09:00 11/14/2017
Singer and dancer Derek Hough walks into the LadyGang studio to talk about judging NBC's World of Dance, his relationship with his sister Julianne Hough's fiance, and his emotional new single "Hold On."
01:10:00 11/6/2017
Thanks to everyone who made it possible for the LadyGang hit their 100th episode! Enjoy a collage of memorable of the finest moments the Ladies have to offer, including: the best of Good Week/Bad Week, Jac's worst dates, the memorable additions to the LG Dictionary, and special moments with celebrities like Nico Tortorella, Jane Lynch, Spencer Pratt, The Skinny Confidential, Hillary Kerr, Ryan Murphy, and Ru Paul!
01:10:55 10/30/2017
The official assistant and "Fourth Member" of the LadyGang Elena Garcia comes on the show to spill the beans on what she's really seen the ladies say and do behind the scenes.
00:56:37 10/23/2017
Host of her own show on HLN and fellow Canadian Michaela Pereira joins the studio to talk about her career in the public eye and her weird Kevin Fraiser story...
01:14:15 10/16/2017
The Ladies are back for another round of the topical happenings in the world of entertainment!
01:07:00 10/9/2017
World Champion gymnast Nastia Liukin joins the Ladies in the studio to talk about journey chasing the American Dream alongside her parents and her post-Olympics life as a fashion/fitness blogger, plus answers some of the burning questions the Ladies have about the crazy world of Olympians (i.e. what happens in the Olympic Village).
00:53:29 10/2/2017
Personal trainer from Barry's Bootcamp Astrid Swan joins the line up for LadyGang Your Life to advise the ladies on the best ways to maintain a healthy body through reasonable fitness practices.
01:05:37 9/25/2017
Walking up to the plate for LadyGang your life is healthy eating guru Crosby Tailor, here help you get your diet and eating habits together with the proper tips, tricks, and oils! Also--GUILT/SUGAR FREE CUPCAKES!
01:07:49 9/18/2017
Renowned Psychic Chris Medina joins the Lady Gang Your Life line up to bring talk about how he found his gifts...and gives some spooky readings about the future!
00:44:12 9/11/2017
Founder of Clique Media Group and bad ass business lady Hillary Kerr joins the Gang to offer her tips and tricks for navigating the business world for this edition of Lady Gang Your Life!
01:09:55 9/4/2017
An important message from Becca Tobin.
00:02:00 8/30/2017
Comedian, author of Weddiculous and wedding expert of Lady Gang Your Life Jamie Lee brings her experience getting married to the studio as the Ladies take a good hard look at the wonderful and inane details of the wedding experience.
01:05:32 8/28/2017
Up next in the LadyGang Your Life lineup is cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kay Durairaj on the procedures and injections you need to know about to keep yourself looking and feeling 100% gorgeous!
01:11:07 8/21/2017
Next in line for LadyGang Your Life is the LadyGang's own social media expert, Calli Cholodenko, helping you navigate the fast-paced and often confusing world of managing your social media accounts like a BOSS!
01:04:03 8/14/2017
Starting off the LadyGang Your Life series is the hormone health educator and founder of Candace Burch, who comes to the studio to tell the Ladies about what's really going on with your hormones and what you can do about it.
01:03:51 8/7/2017
Becca's former costar on Glee Chord Overstreet joins the ladies in the studio to talk about his new single "Hold On" and his family's obsession with unusual names, and shares some of his best celebrity impressions.
01:03:35 7/31/2017
Actress and Vine star Brittany Furlan joins the ladies in the studio to talk about starting her career on the internet and all of the celebrities she's befriended on the way, as well as her new film "Random Tropical Paradise."
01:06:22 7/24/2017
Actress Heather Morris meets up with the LadyGang to share the behind-the-scenes dirt on Becca from the GLEE set, what it was like to be a back-up dancer for Queen B herself, and her upsetting departure from Dancing With The Stars.
00:48:25 7/17/2017
It must be impossible to scare away the LadyGang because they're back on the phone to answer more of your questions...and maybe find a fourth member for LadyGang!?
00:54:14 7/10/2017
You call and the LadyGang picks up the phone! The ladies host their first ever call in show, looking to answer your questions--or listen to your prank calls. Actually, they're looking forward to
00:57:02 7/3/2017
It's back with a vengeance! The Ladies sit down to give you their take on all the crazy stuff that's been happening on the news including boy bands, white sunglasses, Keltie winning a Face Off against Gwen Stefani, and so much more!
00:44:11 6/26/2017
Fashion maven and star of both "The Hills" & "The City" Whitney Port graces the LadyGang studio in all her pregnant glory to talk about her fellow "The Hills" alumni baby boom and her fancy dishware line with Target while the LadyGang use every tool on the internet to help her name her baby!
00:54:35 6/19/2017
The Fabulous (and Legally Ordained!) Jane Lynch and The Wikapedialess Paul Witten pop by to take the Lady Gang to talk about their show "Dropping The Soap," what happened at Becca's wedding, and the infamous picture of Paul's male romper!
00:52:42 6/12/2017
The host of "The Skinny Confidential Him & Her's Podcast" and lifestyle blogger Lauryn Evarts, along with her co-host/hubby Michael, talk about what it takes to run a successful blog and pick out the perfect wedding ring before chiming in on the LadyGang's Confidential Quiz...then share one of the grossest date-night stories ever!
01:00:38 6/5/2017
Naya Rivera brings the sass to the LadyGang! She's got stories from the set of "Glee," thoughts on the best and worst parts of pregnancy (food and placenta pills), and tips for balancing motherhood & career. She also has a wicked "ish" moment, an incredible mirror message, and some good advice when it comes to love and marriage!
00:57:55 5/29/2017
You better work! Because the self-described "introvert masquerading as an extrovert," RuPaul, has found his way to the LadyGang! Whoo hoo! And you are about to be schooled! Ru is dropping wisdom about life, love, career, and believing in yourself! He's also dishing on this season of "RuPaul's Drag Race," what it takes to look fabulous, and surviving the mad world of Hollywood.
01:01:20 5/22/2017
This might be the best-ever Allegedly Wassa Happening thanks to special guest Spencer Pratt of "The Hills" fame! He's not afraid to say exactly what's on his mind, and call out everyone from Brangelina to Abby Lee Miller to Kylie Jenner to Selena Gomez and The Weeknd! He's openly describing how he & wife Heidi Montag Pratt blew through $10 million, when he knew "The Hills" was done, and reinventing himself on Snapchat! He's also talking fatherhood, calling the paparazzi on himself, and his million dollar crystal collection! And then there's the hummingbird, Alan.
01:00:09 5/15/2017
The fabulous Lady boss owner and creator of Katie Dean Jewelry brings her accessory wisdom to the LadyGang! She weighs in on the "dos and don'ts" of bangles, chokers, belly rings, dainty necklaces, and hoop earrings; the importance of quality over quantity in jewelry pieces; and what it took to build her own brand and business from scratch.
00:51:34 5/8/2017
Becca's big sis, Jessica, is a real-life Superwoman...doing it and having it all (though she might be too humble to agree)! She's a partner at her law firm, a mommy of two, and has traded spending on herself for spending on her best accessories - her two kiddies! She's giving it to you straight when it comes to balancing career and family, marriage, and "me time!" She's also sharing deets on growing up with Becca, and the beautiful speech she gave as Maid of Honor at Becca's wedding.
00:45:25 5/1/2017
Tommy Lenk does it all - actor, comedian, Broadway star, and low-priced high fashion authority on Instagram (remember his "Beyonce At The Grammys" and "Lady Gaga at the Superbowl"? Yeah, THAT guy!)! So, he's dishing on Britney Spears, Madonna, Kristen Stewart, and Blake Lively, and sharing some deets on what it takes to make his amazing, one-of-a-kind replica fashion looks! He's also doling out some incredible life advice! One thing though, don't you dare call him Tom!
00:54:36 4/24/2017
Soap opera star Chrishell Stause ("All My Children," "Days Of our Lives," "The Young & The Restless") heats up the LadyGang with sexy secrets from the sets of her soaps! She can cry on command, has never used cue cards, and nailed the seduction audition scene that launched her incredible career. She's also about to marry your TV crush, "The Manny," which means plenty of deets about the upcoming nuptials including vow writing (shout out to "This Is Us" creator Dan Fogelman), guest list, and dealing with fiancee Justin Hartley's adoring female fans.
00:58:31 4/17/2017
The extra epic Michael Hitchcock was a co-Executive Producer and writer on "Glee," and if you wanna know who was sleeping with who in that cast, just hit play! Michael's dishing the dirt on what he thought of Becca Tobin when he first met her, Becca's initial relationship with now bestie Lea Michele, the embarrassing story he was forced to share on his first day in the writers' room with Ryan Murphy, and what it was like on the set of a very real looking, fake highschool. And in the spirit of Michael's newest hit TV show, "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," the gals reveal their psycho past boyfriend experiences.
01:05:34 4/10/2017
Hayley Orrantia from ABC's "The Goldbergs" may star in an 80s-themed sitcom, but you better believe she's a modern basic beeatch like the rest of the LG! She loves singing in the car, a good clip-on bang, and her Goldbergs wardrobe from Forever21! She's got a hot BF, an inspirational message, and has met Simon Cowell! She's also a double threat (singer and actress), and dishes on how her singing career landed her a role on one of TV's hottest comedies!
00:55:42 4/3/2017
Laila Ali, host of the "Laila Ali Lifestyle" podcast, and daughter of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, kicks a little ass on the LadyGang as she talks health and fitness, body image, pizza days, and handling her sweet tooth. She also reveals what drew her to boxing, how she avoided living in her dad's shadow, and which she enjoyed more - "Celebrity Apprentice" or "Dancing With The Stars."
00:55:42 3/27/2017
"Vanderpump Rules" Scheana Shay only works at SUR twice a week these days, and dishes on why that's the case. She also reveals details about her recent and painful divorce, how she got her bod in such banging shape, why she wants Andy Cohen to be her BFF, and whether or not she's gonna be a "Housewife!"
00:49:49 3/20/2017
Nelly Furtado has won every music award imaginable, is insanely gorgeous, has killer style, and is also Canadian (like Keltie Knight)! She's got a brand new album, "The Ride," dropping March 31st, an inspirational message about body image, weight & food, and very good explanations for why she doesn't read reviews & why she was so late to the social media game! Plus, she's sharing a true confession about the one time she bit Gwen Stefani's style (but we w51t hold it against her)!
00:51:55 3/13/2017
Elle King is sassy, fresh, talented, and telling it like it is when it comes to love, relationships, and confidence. She's got a VIP mom, a helper dog, a fantastic mirror message, and a sure-fire way to deal with haters and loser boyfriends. She's also got a wicked right hook, a great story about Dierks Bentley, and a hilarious plan to take on the fashion police.
00:59:58 3/6/2017
Ryan Murphy joins the LadyGang, and brings some mind-blowing motivation and inspiration with him! This is a conversation for the ages that will leave you ready to take on the world & kick its ass! You'll also be counting down the minutes to the debut of his latest amazing TV series, "Feud" (March 5th on FX). Plus, find out why the story of Bette Davis & Joan Crawford was so important for Ryan to tell, what hard lesson he learned on "Glee," and why he always "leans into the yes!" #FXFeud #FightThePower
01:00:13 2/27/2017
Cara Santana is beautiful, smart, and as real as they come! She's also one of Becca Tobin's besties, a successful Lady Boss, and about to become Mrs. Jesse Metcalfe! Cara drops plenty of wisdom on starting and running your own business, growing and nurturing a successful relationship, achieving your health & fitness goals, looking good in Hollywood, and what was really going on at Becca's wedding! She was there and she, Jac & Keltie offer up some behind-the-scenes dish on Becca's big day!
01:11:48 2/20/2017
The Bitch Bible's Jackie Schimmel returns for a good old-fashioned love-hate session on Gaga, Beyonce, The Bachelor, Prince Henry & Meghan Markle, JLo, "50 Shades Darker," and twitter! She's also giving up plenty of dish on her own upcoming nuptials including her dress, wedding hashtag, and what name she'll be using after the big day.
01:03:23 2/13/2017
And then there were Drei (German for "three)! Allegedly Wassa Happening Drei! Hear the girls' take on some of today's hottest topics - the live action remake of "Beauty And The Beast," coven vs squad, RHONY Bethanny Frankel's hubby turned stalker, The Bachelor, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd, the Saudi Prince and his 80 flying falcons, and Girl Scout cookie time! And #AskTheLadyGang just might feature some of the girls' best advice EVER.
01:03:23 2/6/2017
Katrina Bowden was in music videos for both Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco, started working on 30 Rock when she was 17 years old, has her own bomb-ass blog,, is a whizz in the kitchen with a spiralizer, and calls working out her drug of choice. Shes blond, beautiful, and bringing some wisdom to the LadyGang!
00:51:54 1/30/2017
Terra Jole not only stars in Lifetime's Little Women, she's also a hot wife, a working mom of two, and a Top 5 finisher on "Dancing With The Stars!" She joins the girls to talk vag molds & charms, little person sex, inspirational quotes, perfect white elephant gifts, and why she wants to be the female Peter Dinklage!
00:53:27 1/23/2017
A-list acne help has arrived at last! Kate Somerville, esthetician to stars like Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Demi Moore, "Empire's" Taraji P. Henson, and the LG's own Becca Tobin, has plenty of tips on how to handle acne and skin issues - from blackheads to whiteheads to underground pimples to dark circles under your eyes! She's also talking about hydration, face shaving, exfoliKating, and those pesky hormones that seem to be the root of most skin care problems.
00:55:48 1/16/2017
"Rich Bitch" Nicole Lapin is helping you become Rich Bitches too! She's got financial know-how, lots of tips, and investment tools so you get the most from your money! Should you buy or rent a home? Buy or lease a car? How exactly do credit cards really work when it comes to those interest charges? And what's a realistic "emergency fund"? Should you save for and contribute to your kid's college fund? And what about retirement? Roth IRA or 401k or both???
01:03:10 1/9/2017
The girls ring in the New Year with a wicked game of "Never Have I Ever!" Find out who's been in handcuffs, who's been in jail, and who's stolen something from a friend! They're also doling out some of their trademark good advice for 2017, and sharing some tips on success to help you achieve your career goals in the coming year!
01:02:12 1/2/2017
Jac's mom has got it going on! She's a member of the LadyGang, and has a few words of wisdom to share with the gals... and you! She's also dishing the dirt on what it was like raising the lovely Jac Vanek... from her early childhood days to her wild teens! You'll hear what mom really thought about Jac's crazy-colored hair, her daughter's first heartbreak, and the mean girls Jac encountered in middle school!
00:47:22 12/26/2016
Sex With Emily's Dr. Emily Morse returns to the LadyGang to answer more of your questions about sex, dating, and relationships. She's got more bedroom tips & tricks, including some pointers on talking dirty, a few nifty toys to spice things up for the holidays, and her take on "euphoric recall."
00:51:21 12/19/2016
Uh oh... Keltie's having heart palpitations and it's not because jeans guy is stopping by the podcast! It's because the #1 hot guy in her life is this week's guest! That's right, Keltie's husband (aka swoon) brings his "Think Like A Man" insight to the LadyGang! He's helping you decipher what guys really mean when they do and say certain things. He's got plenty of advice, some words of wisdom, and a few tough truths to dish out! He's also sharing what life is like with Keltie Knight!
00:48:40 12/12/2016
Ali Fedotowsky returns to celebrate the LadyGang's one-year anniversary! She was guest number 1, secretly preggers at the time, and dishing on upcoming wedding plans! Well, now she's back as mom to the beautiful Molly Manno and telling it like it is when it comes to pregnancy, child birth, and new baby sleep deprivation! She's also talking a bit about the wedding that really WILL take place early next year!
00:54:52 12/5/2016
Megan Batoon is a dancer, actress, fashion blogger... and a YouTube star! She's also hilarious... and has plenty of tips for any aspiring YouTubers out there. She's fessing up about dating other YouTube stars, the viral video that launched her online career, and when she was able to finally able to quit her restaurant food service gig! And she has plenty of thoughts on other "dancers" - like Channing Tatum, Hugh Jackman, Justin Timberlake, Usher, and Bieber!
00:56:17 11/28/2016
Super hottie Nico Tortorella (star of TV's "Younger" and host of the "Love Bomb" podcast) leaves the LadyGang swooning, literally... in this hilarious episode that covers everything from "sexual fluidity" (WTF?) to polyamorous relationships to having sex with your co-stars on set! Plus, Nico and the girls play "Cougar or Cold Shoulder" and have plenty to say about Madonna, Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone, and Cameron Diaz.
00:50:04 11/21/2016
Jamie-Lynn Sigler is the first guest on the first-ever LadyGang live podcast! She's talking mirror messages, living with MS, balancing motherhood and career, and doling out some seriously good #AskTheLadyGang advice! Plus, the girls have some very special fun facts & good week-bad week stories for this epic live event!
00:52:34 11/14/2016
Back by popular demand - Allegedly Wassa Happening Deux! Hear the girls' take on some of today's hottest topics - Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian, the new Starbucks holiday cup, Victoria Secret model Jasmine Tookes' stretch marks, Kris Jenner's sexy take Alice In Wonderland, Amber Rose and DWTS Val Chmerkovskiy, and Mariah Carey!
00:56:08 11/7/2016
You probably know Sarah Herron from season 17 of "The Bachelor" (Sean Lowe's season) or maybe from "Bachelor In Paradise," but she's also CEO of SHELift, an organization that empowers young women! Sarah shares her inspiring story... and also dishes a little secret, behind-the-scenes info about her reality TV experience - from her own audition to being locked away in a hotel for days on end to which Bachelor couples are most likely to make it. She's talking about Bachelor-to-be Nick, making out with Daniel, and Juan Pablo Galavis.
00:48:44 10/31/2016
Allegedly Wassa Happening on the LadyGang is the girls' take on some of today's hottest topics - Kardashian plastic surgery, Kim West's robbery in France, Elle Macpherson's beauty routine, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton back on "The Voice" together, celebrity spousal support, Zayn's broken engagement via text, and Lena Duham's Tribeca tattoo.
01:02:53 10/24/2016
You probably know Matt Bellassai from Buzzfeed's "Whine About It," but now he's doing his own thang on his facebook page, "Can I Be Honest." Well, he's being honest right here on the LadyGang this week - about everything from getting drunk at 12noon to do his show to which One Direction member he likes best to his glassware collection to what he does to feel comfortable & make friends in a roomful of strangers.
00:54:54 10/17/2016
Sophie Simmons went to school for computer engineering & ended up in show biz! Hear how THAT happened, along with what it's like growing up in a Hollywood family, modeling & loving her body and curves, her greatest drugstore find, songwriting, and the true meaning behind "a tall tower on a cloudy day."
00:47:38 10/10/2016
The Bitch Bible's Jackie Schimmel brings some serious sass to the LadyGang! She also brings plenty of feud (with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Chad the Bachelor), lots of fab love (for Mariah Carey and Teresa Giudice), and a little bit of snark (for Gwyneth and Goop). And wait till you hear the prank call she pulled on James Kennedy of "Vanderpump Rules."
01:07:27 10/3/2016
Real Housewives of New Jersey's Dina Manzo speaks candidly about the Teresa-Joe prison situation and what her longtime friend really knew or didn't, what prompted Dina to walk away from the Housewives after her first season, and then why she came back (only to leave again). She's also talking about finding new love, her favorite housewife, fake sluts, and her new skincare line, Glow By Dina.
00:49:38 9/26/2016
Becca Tobin is Flipping Out for Jenni Pulos, and you will too! Jenni drops by to talk about her Bravo show, "Flipping Out," her co-host Jeff Lewis, being a working mom, loving her nanny, having stealth sex, and why she loves vag steams! She's also getting real about childbirth, and offering some seriously good advice about career and trusting your female intuition. And wait till you hear her freestyle rap for Jac Vanek's line!
00:56:43 9/19/2016
Rocsi Diaz has an Emmy, a sorta thing for Jared Leto, a message for Simon Cowell, and knows more about the human anatomy than she wishes she did thanks to VH-1's "Dating Naked" (which she hosts). She also has advice on tipping, buying wedding gifts, and getting over the one that got away.
00:47:24 9/12/2016
Miss America Betty Cantrell brought her crown to the LadyGang, but did any of the gals get to try it on? There are rules about that you know! So Betty's talking about the rules, her incredible singing talent, her post-Miss America career in Nashville, meeting Luke Bryan, chopping off her luscious locks of hair (for a good cause, of course), and her most embarrassing pageant moments!
00:47:38 9/5/2016
The fabulously fun & full of energy, GloZell Green brings her vibrant personality and hilarious stories to the LadyGang. She dishes on President Obama and what it was like interviewing him at the White House, why she got kicked off the lot of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and how she turned a rather dark period in her life into internet gold. Plus, she plays a wickedly fun game of "Marry, F, Chuck" with girls.
00:42:40 8/29/2016
Maybe you know Jana Kramer from "Friday Night Lights" or maybe "One Tree Hill" or maybe you just bought her amazing new album, "thirty one!" However you know her, be prepared to "know her" on a whole 'nother level after she joins the LadyGang! They're talking mommy shaming, songwriting, Hollywood Heartbreaks, and most painful beauty regimens.
00:43:15 8/22/2016
Lea Michele returns to the LadyGang for an AMA session. She and the girls are answering everything from guilty food pleasures to which Kardashian they'd rather be to least favorite fashion trends. They're also doling out their signature brand of advice when it comes to your dating, career, and other life issues!
00:41:51 8/15/2016
Alli Simpson is one kick-ass 18-year old, gorgeous Lady!! Singer, fashionista, radio host - she does it all... and she does it with the love and support of her famous older sibling, Cody Simpson! She's friends with the Beeb, has a mirror message that everyone should adopt, and some sound advice for dealing with haters on social media.
00:41:51 8/8/2016
Sara and Erin Foster of VH-1's "Barely Famous" bring their charisma, wit and Hollywood story to the LadyGang! Get caught up on their hilarious TV series, their sibling rivalry, the best advice they ever got from their dad, and how they navigate the industry as women. Plus, they dish on "90210," "The New Normal," brunette hair, the benefits of gluten-free, and their biggest & most unexpected fan!
00:57:40 8/1/2016
Babe-a-licious Amanda Shull is a former classical ballerina turned actress, who's starred in "One Tree Hill," "Pretty Little Liars," and "Suits," and is currently a bad-ass on SyFy's "12 Monkeys." She also still takes weekly dance classes, has a surefire pimple remedy, married the "nice guy," and kicks ass at "12 Things + Keys."
01:01:24 7/25/2016
Ashley Tisdale joins the LadyGang and shares a couple of her favorite make-up tips to go along with her brand new make-up line! She also reveals the one role she didn't get that she wanted, what it was like playing a stripper in her upcoming movie "Amateur Night," where she draws the line when it comes to nudity onscreen, the helpful advice her mom gave her about lube... and wait till you hear her game of "Marry, F, Chuck!"
00:53:23 7/18/2016
Lacey Chabert is very preggers and sharing some of the joys of pregnancy (like constant starvation, the "table stage," and out of place ribs). She's also talking about working with Mariah Carey, Mariah's incredible lighting, the role Lacey landed that most surprised her, keeping in touch with the "Mean Girls" cast, and what it's like winning a Golden Globe. And then there's "Party Of Five"...
00:52:39 7/10/2016
Katie Stevens plays "F, Marry, Kill" with the LadyGang and you might be surprised where Ryan Seacrest falls on that list! She's also talking about her American Idol run during Simon Cowell's last season on the show, and what she had to do after Idol to make money! And you'll hear how she landed MTV's "Faking It," which TV role she cried over, and how she told her mom that she lost her virginity!
00:57:35 7/4/2016
Dr. Jamie Schwartz from the Beverly Hills Body Institute joins the LadyGang for a very special WTF (aka What The Face)! He's answering all your questions about botox, fillers, cool sculpting, liposuction, and breast augmentation. He'll tell you what to do, what to skip, and how to know when it's time for a little cosmetic beauty help.
01:11:20 6/27/2016
Heather McDonald is super funny, loves hosting her "Juicy Scoop" podcast, and has a great explanation for why she taped her Showtime comedy special twice. She's also sharing best word of advice she ever got from friend, Kris Jenner, how she feels about Jamie Lynn Spears' comeback, and what she enjoyed most about working on E!'s Chelsea Lately TV show.
01:03:29 6/20/2016
Chelsea Kane from TV's "Baby Daddy" has a fierce haircut, a favorite JoBro, and a song written about her! Wait till you hear how she landed her role on "One Tree Hill," the TV show she auditioned for but didn't get, her takeaway from "Dancing With The Stars," and what happened to her that required DangerMouse to come to her rescue!
00:53:31 6/13/2016
Dorothy Wang of E!'s "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills" dishes on season 4 of her popular tv show, Morgan's wedding, eyebrow extensions, and when she realized just how rich her family really was. She's also talking flying private vs coach, when she knew she "made it" in Hollywood, dating, and her "fabuluxe" mantra!
00:58:13 6/6/2016
Author, TV host, and lifestyle blogger Louise Roe has a definite opinion about bras, the color pink, Gwyneth Paltrow, and the definition of "road to success." She's also got a couple of "Devil Wears Prada" type stories from her days at Vogue, a look inside the infamous "closet," some juicy details about her upcoming wedding, and a great red carpet tale involving Julia Roberts.
00:47:23 5/30/2016
Jillian Rose Reed from MTV's "Awkward" stops by to share her mirror message, and explain why and when she'd ever rock silver-gray hair, who made her cry on the Red Carpet (but not for reasons you might think), what surprising thing is littered all over the floor of her car, which is her favorite Jo Bro (and yes, she has one), and whether or not this is really the end of "Awkward."
00:47:23 5/23/2016
OG #girlboss Sophia Amoruso is talking Nasty Gal, "Girl Boss Radio," her upcoming new coffee table book "Nasty Galaxy," and successfully navigating the big, bad business world. She's also got tips on taking "quiet dumps," and what it means to be a bitch. And you'll hear some deets about the pilot she sold to Netflix. Plus, don't miss Becca Tobin's extra special "good week!"
00:40:56 5/16/2016
Becca Tobin's boyfriend helps the LadyGang "Think Like A Man," in this special episode about understanding the way the male of the species brain works. He's weighing in on the "text back rule," sex on the first date, playing it cool, reading the "I like you" signs, and the right time to be the "real you." Plus, the LG takes their own celeb quiz & shares deets on first kisses and deal breakers.
00:48:01 5/9/2016
Holly Madison is living the sweet life as a NY Times best-selling author (her new book, "The Vegas Diaries" comes out May 17th), and a happily-married wife and soon-to-be mom of 2 (daughter Rainbow has a little brother due to arrive in August). Holly's talking about her time in Vegas, her husband, balancing motherhood, crazy baby names, who she celeb stalks on instagram, and the stunning knowledge dropped on her by Ice T!
00:55:51 5/2/2016
Okay gals (& guys), Brian Howie, creator of "The Great Love Debate" podcast & dating enthusiast, is offering up plenty of great tips and information about dating & finding love in the digital age. He'll tell you the best dating sites, the best cities to meet people (and the worst), where to find a marrying kind of guy, easy ways to strike up conversation, and some unlikely places to meet people. Not sure if you're in love? Does anyone really have a "type"? All these questions (and more) are answered!
01:03:23 4/25/2016
Tia Mowry, host of the "Mostly Mom" podcast, joins the LadyGang to talk love & marriage, kids & career, nearly bare butts, and cyber-bullying! She's passionate about cooking, date nights, family day, and vision boards, and shares some stories about what it's like being a famous twin!
01:02:17 4/18/2016
Margaret Cho drops some great wisdom, and a few funny Hollywood stories on the LadyGang! She's got a Hollywood Heartbreak, a fab mirror message, the truth about Quentin Tarantino as a boyfriend, and how she really feels about Gigi & Zayn as a couple! She also shares some red carpet philosophy, offers an opinion on dogs in costumes (especially when it comes to her own), and reveals who she most loves to rip on, on "Fashion Police!"
00:51:37 4/11/2016
Dr. Emily Morse, host of the "Sex With Emily" podcast, answers all the questions you're too terrified to ask anyone else including, the truth about the female orgasm, kegel camp, birth control, squirting, the great hair debate, lubricant, oral sex, and the elusive g-spot.
01:06:15 4/4/2016
Darren Criss remembers the first time he met Becca Tobin on the set of "Glee," and shares exactly what he thought of her! He also has decided feelings about social media, a very cool "ish" moment, a celebrity couple he misses most, and a mirror message! Plus, he's helping the LadyGang answer all your problems about dating, love, and real-life issues!
00:56:19 3/28/2016
Pentatonix singer Kirstin Maldonado has an "ish" moment involving Baz Luhrman, a very popular Instagram for her husky Olaf, an amazing mirror message, and a Grammy Award... but has she partied with her Grammy? She answers that, and this week's lady question, and offers some pointed advice on the best ways to communicate with the opposite sex!
00:47:47 3/21/2016
Fashion maven, stylist to the stars, and co-host of "The Real," Jeannie Mai, makes the LadyGang beautiful inside and out! She's dishing on dressing Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys, dealing with the word "NO," and what she will and won't do in front of her hubby! She has a personal mantra, a mirror message, and some solid words of wisdom for those struggling to find their style identity.
00:54:12 3/14/2016
The fabulous Jenna Ushkowitz jetted in from NYC to join the LadyGang! She's adopted, and talking about how that's led to her involvement in the new documentary "Twinsters." She's also got a mirror message, a new attitude about Hollywood, a crazy place she once had sex, a definite opinion on fashion, and a solid plan to meet her birth parents.
00:49:37 3/7/2016
The LadyGang are dishing on their worst celebrity encounters (and yes, they are naming names)! They're also doling out some great career advice that does not end with "drink a bottle of wine," outing what it really means to have a "squad," and one of them may or may not be singing a time or two.
00:43:14 2/29/2016
RKOBH Morgan Stewart brings her down-to-earth attitude, quick wit, and jet-setting lifestyle to the LadyGang! And if you thought you knew her before... just wait! You'll hear what she really thinks about Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, John Stamos, and group shots on Instagram! She's also talking hot sauce, hot bod bikini pics, Boobs And Loubs, and vacationing on yachts! And of course... the Ladies gets the dish on Morgan's wedding plans! Will it be matching bridesmaids' dresses and will she fall victim to #BridalBrain? Grab a glass and join in the fun!
00:50:39 2/22/2016
Haylie Duff does it all - actress, new mom, and host of her own cooking show "The Real Girl's Kitchen," and she's telling the Lady Gang how she gets it done. She's also not shy about her birth experience, the pros & cons of eating placenta, why she hasn't married "her person" yet, how one bold move one night in a bar changed her life, and the real status of her relationship with her very famous sister. Are they "friends" or "foes"? Grab a champagne glass and find out!
00:44:08 2/15/2016
"Bachelorette" star Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth still haven't set a date, but you'll hear plenty of wedding details as the LadyGang inquire about everything from number of bridesmaids to location to wedding hashtag to sex on the big night! Kaitlyn also shares deets on the proposal, the "Bachelorette" season she filmed with Shawn & why she ultimately chose him, and the logistics of joining the "mile high club!"
01:13:34 2/8/2016
Singer/songwriter Christina Perri joins the Fempire, and shares her Hollywood Heartbreak, what it means to be the "sad song girl," how she finds inspiration in happy moments, why she thinks Ed Sheeran is the coolest celebrity she knows, and which "Twilight" moment was almost too much to bear! She also has reveals which celebs she social media stalks (in a good way), and why she'd never, ever date Coldplay's Chris Martin.
01:03:12 2/1/2016
Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin, and Jac Vanek put themselves in the hot seat and are sharing their own "Hollywood Heartbreaks," and which celebrities they "secretly stalk" (John Oliver? Larry David? Hmmmm....) They're also divulging eating habits, and finally telling the story about the ex-boyfriend shared by Keltie Knight & Jac Vanek & their eerily similar break-up details!
00:48:55 1/25/2016
Stassi Schroeder of Vanderpump Rules explains why she quit, and then rejoined the show. She's also talking about her relationship with Jax, who's sleeping with James, and if she'd ever entertain doing her own reality TV spin-off! Plus, hear her thoughts on living through Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, why she's "stalking" Kate Hudson, and why she hates the word "relevant."
00:56:17 1/18/2016
Lea Michele is back on The Fempire, and this time she's answering some of YOUR questions! She's offering up career, dating, and love advice; explaining why "YOLO" is her mantra; what she loves most about "Whole Foods;" and dishing on her fav TV show, "Vanderpump Rules!"
00:46:23 1/11/2016
The lovely & talented Lea Michele joins The Fempire to dish on Versace, her friendship with Emma Roberts, her bestie & Fempire cohost Becca Tobin, why she'd love to be BFFs with Chrissy Teigen, finding new love, dealing with tabloids and social media haters, and why she's obsessed with Gwyneth Paltrow & Goop.
01:05:19 1/4/2016
Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin, and Jac Vanek put themselves on the hotseat for this special episode of The Fempire! They're opening up about everything - Bo Derek cornrows, "Beliebers," Kardashian contouring, Bronx Zoo cockroaches, DIY make-up tips, and surviving airplane rides from hell!
00:56:01 12/28/2015
Cheryl Burke talks about the unglamourous side of "Dancing With The Stars" - the sweat, the starvation, and the locker room! She also shares her secret celebrity crushes, the audition she didn't get, what keeps her motivated, and how she dealt with being bullied in highschool.
00:42:15 12/21/2015
Who Is Fancy? Fancy is fabulous, fun, and so freakin' talented! He's written songs for everyone from Meghan Trainor to Ariana Grande, and is now steppin' to the mic himself. Hear his star struck stories about meeting Nikki Minaj and Little Big Town, how he kept from giving up on his singing dream, the personal mantra that inspires his positivity, why he calls himself "a witch," and how he feels about emojis, Oprah, and the "Jac Attack."
00:45:21 12/14/2015
Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky is engaged to Kevin Manno, and she's sharing her wedding plans with The Fempire! What kind of wedding dress will she wear? Heels or flats? How many bridesmaids? And will there be a wedding hashtag? All that and more is answered. Plus, Ali offers advice to all aspiring reality TV hopefuls as she answers #AskTheFempire questions from you!
00:51:17 12/7/2015

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