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On "Pardon My Take," Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word. Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show. This is a podcast that will without a doubt change your life for the better- guaranteed, or your money back. *Pretend a reggaeton air horn is going off right now*


Bulls 1st Rd Pick Wendell Carter Jr + Ryan Whitney Mt Rushmore Of Insults

018 NBA Draft and Salty Woj won the night. Big stories from the draft including Mikal Bridges being traded, Michael Porter Jr's spine being made of dust, Grayson Allen going to the Jazz, and Cal on the hot seat (2:27 - 21:08). Chicago Bulls first round pick Wendell Carter Jr joins the show to talk about playing at Duke, what the draft process has been like, and how he sees his game fitting in the NBA (21:08 - 40:41). Ryan Whitney completes our Mt Rushmore of guests with the Mt Rushmore of insults (40:41 - 56:38). Talking Soccer, Messi is dead. Ass in the Jackpot for Colin Cowherd, Kings Stay Kings Dwight Howard, and Jimbos of the Week. 
00:55:33 6/21/2018

Past Episodes

The NBA Draft is coming up and Michael Porter Jr is FEELING himself (2:27 -8:01). Draft storylines + World Cup talk (8:01 - 11:23). Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor (11:21 - 14:39). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (14:39 - 30:02). Ryen Russillo joins the show for Mt Rushmore season and the Mt Rushmore of signs you're going through a midlife crisis (30:02 - 56:11). Rachel Nichols and the Mt Rushmore of weird 2017-18 NBA story lines (56:11 - 81:23). Segments include Connect the dots for Barry Trotz, As a white guy for Ed Werder standing up for men on the internet, Mike Greenberg's Dumb Rules Daryl Morey and Mark Cuban have lost their minds, and Guys on Chicks. 
00:55:33 6/19/2018
Phil Mickelson has broken the spirit of Golf. We talk US Open and Phil's moving putt that took the golf world by storm. Was the Course too hard? Many people are saying it was (2:27 - 12:51). World Cup talk as Mexico takes down Germany (12:51 - 17:32). Who's back of the week (17:32 - 25:52). Blake Bortles joins the show as our first member of the Mt Rushmore of recurring guests to do the Mt Rushmore of times its ok to cry (25:52 - 38:19). Blake Griffin joins the show to do Mt Rushmore of trades that make no sense (38:19 - 69:50). Segments include Ass in the Jackpot for Kawhi Leonard's ass being in Stephen A Smith's jackpot. Hurt or injured every soccer player in the world. Bad Visual German Newspaper saying they'll build the wall against Mexico and Trouble in paradise for Todd Haley and Ben Rothlisberger 
00:55:33 6/17/2018
We are live from Shinnecock Hills and the US Open. Thoughts on watching Tiger, Big Cat getting Alpha'd by Rick Reilly in the media tent and how we're rooting for the course more than any player in the Field (2:20 - 21:36). Men In Blazers Roger Bennett joins the show to talk World Cup, America's love of soccer the sport of the future, and who's going to win in Russia 2018 (21:26 - 59:26). Segments include Problematic for Stephen A Smith eating ass, the debut of the new segment "Ass in the Jackpot", Talking Soccer, Cease and Desist for the deaf Russian cat that is picking world cup games, and a new friday segment "Old Lebron to Young Lebron" where we give our younger selves life advice
00:55:33 6/14/2018
Andrew Luck threw something and Dennis Rodman saved the world, and we're not sure which is more incredible (2:27 - 11:55). Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the bachelor (11:55 - 14:28). Hot Seat/Cool Throne + Parade Sabermetrics (14:28 - 31:44). Johnny Manziel joins the show to talk about the transition to the CFL, will Jimbo Fisher wear one of those weird Aggie Rings, and what happened to his best friend Drake (31:44 - 51:29). Segments include Trouble in Paradise Kyrie Irving, Put one in his earhole for the viral clip of the baseball player hugging his friend, Hurt or Injured pretty much broken hands, and Guys on Chicks. 
00:55:33 6/12/2018
The NBA Finals are over and the Warriors are back to back Champions. Lebron needed a cast because he punched a whiteboard. Are the Warriors bad for basketball? (2:20 - 10:07)  The Caps are drunk as hell in DC and PFT tells the story of his night with the Cup (10:07 - 22:17). Who's Back of the Week (22:17 - 33:59). Mark Titus (@ClubTrillion) joins the show to talk about the NBA Finals, what it was like in Cleveland on Friday, and the NBA Draft (33:59 - 67:24). Segments include Problematic for Chrissy Teigen, Stick to Sports for Justify the horse, Talking Soccer and Uhh Ya Think Rafael Nadal won the French Open again
00:55:33 6/10/2018
The Washington Capitals are Stanley Cup Champions. PFT went to Game 5 and we recorded the show immediately after the game with his thoughts from Vegas (2:27 - 10:27). Ovi raising the Cup, TJ Oshie talking about his father, and all the moments from a historic night (10:27 - 16:08). NBA Finals talk and Kevin Durant had the scowl of the Century. Julian Edelman got popped for PED's but he's our friend so we don't believe it (16:08 - 23:22). One of our oldest recurring guests, Dan Haren, joins the show to talk baseball, Hank's theory about the seams being raised being true, and the time he tried to impress Kobe into shooting around with him at the gym (23:22 - 51:16). Randy Moss joins the show to give us his Belmont Picks and tell us who you should be betting on as Justify tries to win the Triple Crown (51:16 - 61:16). Segments include Stay Woke, Uhhh Ya Think for Nick Saban, and listener Roasts. 
00:55:33 6/7/2018
The Caps have won the Stanley Cup, they're an absolute wagon and Vegas is Dead (2:20 - 10:57). NBA Finals off day and Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor (10:57 - 16:17). Hot Seat/Cool Throne 69 jokes are dead and Gronk is very much back (16:17 - 31:14). Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds joins the show to talk about all his songs ending up on commercials, how much fun it is to live his dream, how he comes up with songs/lyrics, and the weirdest thing he's out on his show rider (31:14 - 61:26). Segments include Lebron Blames, Protect the Flag for Trump vs the Eagles, and Guys on Chicks
00:55:33 6/5/2018
NBA Finals Game 2 and the Cavs are dead. JR Smith's hot seat gets hotter and Lebron's eye makes everyone want to puke (2:27 - 14:27). The Caps are a wagon and DC is feeling a Championship for the first time in forever (14:27 - 21:59). Who's back of the week including a stay woke on Melania Trump not being seen in 23 straight days (21:59 - 33:44). Mets Legend Keith Hernandez joins the show to talk about his new book, what it was like playing for the 86 Mets, his cat Hadji, and what baseball can improve today (33:44 - 68:33). Segments include Humans vs The Sun/Talking Tennis, Hockey Tough for Brandon Prust, PR 101 for Buffalo Wild Wings getting hacked, Hurt or injured Clay Matthers, and thoughts and prayers for Nick Saban. 
00:55:33 6/3/2018
JR Smith cost the Cavs a victory in a stunning Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Lebron was dominant, Draymond tried to fight everyone, and Javale McGee gave a perfect 4 minutes of basketball (2:20 - 11:35). Cleaning up the remnants of the Bryan Colangelo burner account mess (11:35 - 14:28). The Caps won Game 2 and are looking strong going into Saturday night's Game 3 in Washington (14:28 - 22:34). NBA Hall of Famer Gary Payton joins the show to talk about coaching in the Big 3, his best trash talking moments, why he thinks John Stockton is the GOAT, and some trash talking with the guys (22:34 - 49:15). Segments include Take Quake for Colin Cowherd suggesting Lebron might retire after this year, Bad Sports Town the Warriors didn't sell out Game 1, Kickers Psychiatrist's couch for Yu Darvish, Are the Patriots fun to play for Update, Thoughts and Prayers to Hue Jackson, and explain it to hank. 
00:55:33 5/31/2018
NBA off day drama, Bryan Colangelo had 5 burner accounts trashing Sixers team moves and players (2:20 - 15:21). Pusha T dropped a diss track and basically murdered Drake (15:21 - 21:18) the return of bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the bachelor (21:18 - 26:41). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Stephen A Smith, Avocados, and Unwritten Rules (26:41 - 37:45). Ryen Russillo joins the show to talk about life in Hollywood, the NBA Finals, and debunking some of our hottest takes about the Warriors (37:45 - 68:52). Ryan Whitney joins the show to talk Stanley Cup Final, Vegas pregame, and an all time bashing basketball (68:52 - 88:16). We're skipping segments today because we went back to back shows so instead we did Half Baked ideas with Rone, highlights including the Amazing Racist, Pocket Pussy Wallets, Invisible socks, and Hall of Fame for average dudes. 
00:55:33 5/29/2018

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