Play with Pain: Chet Waterhouse

Each week old school sportscaster Chet Waterhouse (Jeff Cesario) takes a different guest through the world of sports and beyond, and just doesn't let accuracy get in the way of a good laugh.


Play with Pain: Chet Waterhouse

Costaki Economopoulos

Chet gets so many things wrong about Greece that comic Costaki Economopoulos needs bonus time to correct them all! Please Support Our Sponsors use code PodcastOne
00:40:00 3/13/2019

Past Episodes

Fox Sports' amazing Holly Sonders blows up the studio with Chet in it! Weirdly, Cliff Kingsbury took some shrapnel. Please Support Our Sponsors use code PodcastOne
00:38:00 3/6/2019
Bay Area sports writing legend Ray Ratto tells Chet why his fave venue is a 1,500 seat gym!
00:31:00 3/1/2019
Two words: ADAM CAROLLA. Chet nearly pees his pants! Please Support Our Sponsors BetOnline.AG use code PodcastOne
00:00:00 2/27/2019
It's the Play With Pain Oscar Preview!! featuring Chet in a tux, Producer Gary and's Dave Mason, who is forced to say stuff like, "The favorite is NOT The Favourite!"
00:43:00 2/20/2019
The one and only calm, cool Andy Staples explains to Chet how Wisconsin can get a QB to match their running game! Please Support Our Sponsors: BetOnline.AG promo code PodcastOne for all your new & used car buying needs
00:42:00 2/13/2019
The great Chris Myers from Fox Sports takes a break from THOUSANDS of hours of Westminster Kennel Club prep just to help Chet pronounce "Shiitzu."
00:00:00 2/8/2019
The amazing Kevin Pollak ("Marvelous Mrs Maizel") inspires Chet with halftime speeches from Chris Walken, Albert Brooks and William Shatner. Please Support Our Sponsor
00:00:00 2/6/2019
The only man louder than Chet, the great Dave Dameshek, regales us with the single best story ever involving Italian dried, cured meats. Please Support Our Sponsors: BetOnline.AG use promo code PodcastOne
00:43:00 1/30/2019

Comic road warrior and Chiefs fan Chris Porter shares his angst and a party tip now that he's 40.

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00:35:00 1/24/2019

Comedy phenom Chris Distefano reveals the sleazy underbelly of D-III hoops and a great travel tip to boot!

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00:00:00 1/23/2019

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