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A downloadable Cars and Coffee hosted by writer, comedian and automotive enthusiast Spike Feresten and recorded live from the porch of the famous Malibu Kitchen. A humorous round table discussion featuring celebrity guests, the latest car news, new model test-drives, and advice for new and classic car buyers. As always, there's one empty chair at Spike's table saved for you, the listener.


Chuck Liddell and Steve O

Steve O and Chuck Liddell join Spike and Zuckerman to talk about their new YouTube Red show, the Ultimate Expedition, the difficulty of hiking the 20,000 ft Mount Tocllaraju, Steve's drinking tap water from a toilet, and is Chuck considering another fight?
00:44:28 1/17/2018

Past Episodes

Former MLB pitcher C.J. Wilson joins Spike and Zuckerman at the new McLaren dealiership in Beverly Hills to talk about his time with the sport, going to the world series, playing for both the Rangers and the Angels, and of course, cars.
00:59:27 1/10/2018
Comedian and car/motorcycle enthusiast Alonzo Bodden joins Spike and Zuckerman to chat about wining last comic standing in 2005, how he got interested in cars, riding motorcycles, and the best way to buy classic cars. Plus, LA is getting work by the day with distracted drivers. How can it be stopped?
01:00:37 1/3/2018
Paul Schmucker and Todd Deeken from Everyday Drive join Spike to talk about the new season of their show, how they became friends and got started, their podcast, the future of cars, and how to best find well priced used cars.
00:47:20 12/27/2017
American racer, commercial director, photographer, and author Jeff Zwart joins Spike and Zuckerman to talk about his family's history with Porsches, starting in photography before racing, winning being the ultimate motivator to keep doing it, and whether he's a better filmmaker or a better racecar driver. Plus, they answer some of your questions AND...what are John Cena's car troubles?
00:57:35 12/20/2017
Spike, Seinfeld, and Zuckerman all sit down at the porch to address the infamous Porsche "book". Plus, why does Jerry force Zuckerman to drive his car?
01:04:58 12/13/2017
Emory motorsports and vintage Porsche Outlaw builder Rod Emory joins Spike and Zuckerman to talk about ice racing cars, how he and his family got started in the car business, learning to put together engines at 10, beginning to work with Porsches, creating a car for Le Mans, and the legend of..."The Book".
00:59:24 12/6/2017
Comedian and fellow podcaster Dana Gould joins Spike in studio to talk about writing for The Simpsons, adopting kids, helping your kids avoid new world dangers, how the Hills vs The Valley affects them, growing up blue collar, and his fascination with Horror films. Plus, his secret love of vintage cars and the new season of Stan Against Evil.
00:52:38 11/29/2017
Actor Ian Ziering joins Spike and Zuckerman in studio to talk about his time on the OG Beverly Hills 90210, where his love of cars started, growing up in New Jersey, getting his car stolen, and working on Sharknado. Plus, why do he and Zuckerman hi-five over a Mitsubishi?
00:50:21 11/22/2017
Porsche driver Patrick Long joins Spike and Zuckerman in the Beverly Hills studio to talk about vintage cars becoming appealing to young drivers, the new generation of Porsche enthusiasts, the Luftgekuhlt events, how he got the opportunity to drive for Porsche, and how to take weight out of the car.
00:48:55 11/15/2017
Comedian Jay Mohr joins Spike to talk about most comedians secret love/hate relationships with cars, Jays marriages, the difficulty in coming out of dark times, his new movie on Crackle Party Boat, finding himself in twitter trouble, and comedians knowing when and when not to cross the line.
00:49:29 11/8/2017

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