The Barstool Sports podcast docu-series. Full length podcast features about the greatest athletes, entertainers and moments in pop culture and sports. Hosted by Kevin Clancy (KFC) from Barstool New York, his unique perspective is accompanied by interviews, audio clips, and music making each episode a polished audio documentary with the typical Barstool Sports humor and insight.


Dave Chappelle: Sometimes Ya Gotta Race

Featuring clips and audio segments from his stand-ups, his TV show,...Featuring clips and audio segments from his stand-ups, his TV show, and interviews, Sometimes Ya Gotta Race chronicles Dave Chappelle's life and career from his meteoric rise through his strange disappearance from Hollywood.   Show More


Past Episodes

How James Dolan, the worst owner in all of sports, perhaps the worst human on earth, ruined the once-proud New York Knicks. From Isiah Thomas to Charles Oakley, this is how James Dolan has burned The Garden to the ground.
A corrupt police force. A braindead swimmer. A stupid catchphrase. A gas station with piss on the floor. Somehow all of these elements have conspired to create a legitimate international incident and one of the biggest news stories of the past month. But what truly happened in Rio, Brazil the past week with Olympian Ryan Lochte? We decided to investigate. From KFC Radio and Barstool Sports, this is Jeahrial.
Alex Rodriguez. Fascinating. Controversial. Talented. Insecure. Best ever. You can use many adjectives to describe the man who served as the preeminent lightning rod for baseball, America's past time, the past 20 years. As his career comes to a close this Friday, we look back on and try to make sense of the man who changed baseball forever.

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