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Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy is a weekly "best of" podcast where we deliver to you the best 60-90 min from Barstool's daily show on Sirius XM. This podcast focuses on the inner workings of Barstool Sports while also hitting on many of the viral topics of the week.


Best Of Week 38 Featuring Danny McBride and Michael Rapaport vs Fronnie

Week 38 is in the books. On Monday, Michael Rapaport bursted into the...Week 38 is in the books. On Monday, Michael Rapaport bursted into the studio to continue the feud he had with Fronnie over the weekend. Tuesday was spent at SIRIUS HQ with Danny McBride. We talked about the new season of his HBO show Vice Principals, how he is richer than Dave, and all his favorite curse words. Wednesday and Thursday were all about the Nate Dogg. When he wasn't bitching about the quality of the water in the office, he was writing fire blogs ranking the 40 best employees of Barstool under 40. And as it starts to become an every Friday sort of thing, the KFC Radio boys end the week with talk of lesbian chat rooms and putting cocaine in your ass, with a little help from Jared Carrabis. All this and more on Barstool Radio.   Show More

02:09:14 9/18/2017

Past Episodes

It was a short, but very entertaining week of Barstool Radio. On Tuesday we were joined by Julie Stewart-Binks to recap the weekend of college football, and got a call from Mr. Portnoy to complain about the issues his "Mr. Johnson" is having in his new underwear. Dave leaves for Boston on Wednesday to execute #OperationClownface, which unfortunately means that he missed Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer in the office. Thursday was the season opener for the Pats, and open season for KMarko. While Dave was distributing clownface towels out to Pats fans, KMarko was distributing deathblows to clowns on the internet. Also Chaps calls in to explain that he fucks weird. Friday we recap the success of #OperationClownface despite the Pats opening night loss, interview the rat fuckin' narc that is @OldTakesExposed, and pepper All Business Pete about his terrible haircut and love for murdering dogs. All this and more on Barstool Radio.
02:02:45 9/11/2017
Week 36 of Barstool Radio was as star-studded as any week we've had so far. Monday we came out firing with Jay Baruchel and Colton Orr, who dropped by to promote their new movie Goon: The Last of the Enforcers, and to ragdoll Smitty. On Tuesday Pres and KFC put CNBC in their place for doubting our ability to keep the Pardon My Take boys on the pirate ship, and put Smitty in a bodybag for stealing Kevin's shoes. Wednesday belonged to Chris Jericho and the From the Top Rope Boys. Jericho gave us some life tips so that maybe one day, we too, can be as handsome, smart, and talented as he is. On Thursday we brought in the hottest new band in the music scene, Pup Punk to debut their new song 'Back to Skewl' (Tonight), and Pat McAfee also came on to promote his new upcoming podcast, Laces Out. Unfortunately on Friday, a lot of people weren't in the office, so they missed Owen Wilson and Sir Michael Caine who were in the office to promote their movie about flying airplanes through Russian tornadoes. Baruchel, Orr, Jericho, Wilson, Caine, Portnoy, and you. This is Barstool Radio.
02:05:30 9/4/2017
Week 35 of Barstool Radio is so bright, that we gotta wear shades. Literally. We start out Monday talking about the solar eclipse which became a cultural phenomenon for the day. On Tuesday we recap filming the Rundown during the eclipse, and the irony of seeing the actor who played Moonlight Graham in Field of Dreams. Before the boys took off for Sin City, we were able to fit in some Tiger Woods dick talk. We can't go a week without dick talk. It's our brand now. For the second half of the week, Dave, Robbie Fox and the Young and Happy boys hold the show down from Radio Row. Brendan Schaub takes Dave's side when it comes to bringing a smokeshow with him to the fight over Robbie Fox. On Friday, Big Cat and PFTCommenter from Pardon My Take host the show with Michael Rapaport, who is able to bring us Ice Cube, but not Stephen A. Smith. Robbie Fox instigates a fight with Floyd Mayweather Sr., and is lucky he walked away with his life. All this and more on Barstool Radio, live from Radio Row in Las Vegas.
02:06:11 8/28/2017
Living the "No Days Off" mantra of one Bill Belichick, Dave is spending the entire week in Nantucket. Without Dave around, it was only a matter of time for Spider Monkey Nate to start causing chaos, and this time his victim is Francis. Nate posted a screenshot of Francis leaving early on a Friday and that leads to some harsh words thrown at each other from across the radio studio. On Wednesday, we lightened it up a little bit and talked about dicks. A lot of dicks. Big ones, small ones, famous ones, curved ones and circumsized ones. Everybody has an expert opinion. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, better known as Jaime Lannister joined the show on Thursday. Charlie Wisco Feitelberg and KFC interview him from SIRIUS HQ about his upcoming movie, Game of Thrones, and everything that Feitelberg hates about him (he's handsome, famous, and just an all-around great guy). Kevin can't make it into work on Friday because his house is underwater, so the Foreplay boys and Caleb hold down the show. They create a new segment called "Pepperin' Pete" where we bring in All Business Pete and pepper him with intrusive and personal questions for you (really our) enjoyment. All this and more on Barstool Radio Week 34.
02:05:20 8/21/2017
After Monday and Tuesday were so intense they deserved their own podcast, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday came through with that HEAT. On Wednesday, Kevin and Dave are at each other's throats again after Dave and Frankie spent a wonderful evening at Citi Field with Kevin's mortal enemy and owner of the Mets, Jeff Wilpon. Gay Pat drew out the Barstool critics and anti-semitic neo-nazis with some questionable blogs, which is exactly the opposite of what Dave wanted him to do. That set up the scene for Thursday, where Dave put not one, but TWO cowardly, fraudulent LOSERS in bodybags. If you listen closely, you can still hear Baked Alaska and Clay Travis trying to undo the zippers from the inside. On Friday, Dave is actually around to do the show. Not satisfied with the two bodybags he filled on Thursday, Dave stuffs a horse racing commentator into a bodybag of his own. Dave gets riled up about Roger Goodell and also does some of his own play-by-play while we watch the races in Saratoga. YP gets bodies by Nate, Frankie might secretly be a Nazi and more on this special edition of Barstool Radio.
01:45:26 8/14/2017
It has come to Dave's attention that Glenny Ball has become too large for it's own good. But how exactly did that happen? Well, no one really knows because no one wants to take the blame. Glenny, Ria, Office Manager Brett, Louis, and Gaz all throw one another under the bus while explaining to Dave how 20,000 invites were sent for a 150-person party. Stars such as Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Sara Underwood, Zac Efron, Nick Jonas, Baron Davis and Mo Vaughn all received invites, but Frankie couldn't even get his buddies on the guest list. Determined not to let the Glenny Ball chaos ruin his moment at Barstool, Zah the black African midget from Zimbabwe bursts through the door, climbs on the table and berates Smitty for a mistake made over the weekend. Only on Barstool Radio.
01:46:30 8/9/2017
Week 32 of Barstool Radio is in the books and it was one for the ages. Kevin Clancy returns from his 8-month paternity leave much to Dave's dismay. Kevin spent his entire paternity leave harassing Dave online, so Dave kept a record of all the things that Kevin did to bug him. You would have thought Kevin never left the way they weren't getting along. Things got heated up when word got around Peter Rosenberg was trashing Barstool on Hot 97. Rosenberg ultimately called in for a "civil" discussion, but only after Pres spends the first 15 minutes of the showing calling him a cowardly, fraudulent, self-loathing whiteboy. Robbie Fox and Rone give everyone a recap of their first experiences with Phish, and more importantly, their first experience with nitrous. We discover our fanbase is much more diverse than we think when Da Midget Zimbo, an African midget from Zimbabwe calls in to say FUCK Peter Rosenberg. YP goes searching for buried treasure, Chaps is buying service dogs for vets, the callers take us to some WEIRD places, and more on this episode of Barstool Radio
01:59:32 8/7/2017
Week 31 has come and gone and would you look at that, Nate is the topic of discussion for the second consecutive week after the Alpha Dawg tackled YP during a filming of Stool Scenes. Nate Dawg questions the credibility of Stool Scenes and goes to war over it with Dave and Big Cat. Former MLB Pitcher, and newest Barstool employee Dallas Braden joins the show to talk about throwing perfect games, smoking weed and hating ARod. Uncle Chaps comes in studio and talks about training dogs in the military and how sometimes the best thing to do is just piss on them until they listen. Chaps also has some takes for why it would be better for males to not have testicles. Smitty tells a story about taking Hallucinogens and Rone follows up with a drug story that ends with disaster in a Port A Potty. Big Cat talks to Nate Dawg about his first year at Barstool HQ in NYC.
01:35:14 7/31/2017
Week 30 of Barstool Radio has come and gone. KFC is out on paternity leave and Dave has some things to say about that. Elika Sadeghi joins the conversation and gives her takes on whether or not Dave is going too far regarding Kevin's "boondoggle". A golfer snaps his leg in half after getting blasted by a golf cart which turns out to be a huge win for the Foreplay boys, and Riggs lets Dave know it. Comedian Ari Shaffir comes in studio to shoot the shit with the guys and tells a story about Carlos Mencia stealing his jokes. Dave goes on Late Night with Seth Meyers and we get to hear the before and after of the entire night, including Mike Portnoy Esq. official review on how Dave did. Octagon Bob and Francis go at it over a joke made, and Francis threatens to bomb the entire office. The guys find out that Mike Tyson is on the phone line doing an interview with Pardon My Take. Dave ends up speaking to Mike Tyson, and Tyson gives an incredible Peter McNeeley story from the night Tyson bit Evander Holyfield. Big Cat takes over Barstool Radio on Friday and he speaks to a couple guys from around the office to see how their first year in New York has been going. Mike The Bike responds to the Young & Happy diss track heard 'round the world, and Tex goes off on a caller. The show wraps up with Louis from sales who gives a behind the scenes look at the business side of Barstool.
01:59:34 7/24/2017

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