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The Podfathers is a podcast from KFC, Clem and Uncle Chaps from Barstool Sports breaking down the good, the bad, and the ugly of fatherhood. Other books and websites and podcasts have tried to explain what life as a new dad is like "from a dude's perspective." "As told by Guy's guys." or "from a mans perspective." They have all failed. Through their own personal experiences and brand of humor, the Podfathers help parents everywhere relate to the wild and crazy ride that is raising children.


Podfathers #56: Old Wives' Tales

On this week's Podfathers, Chaps and Clem discuss whether they think old wives' tales are real or not. Is it true that if you don't use it you lose it? And does sitting too close to the TV hurt your eyes? Clem also confesses that he has now started to weaponize Santa with Christmas around the corner.   Show More

00:25:36 11/19/2017

Past Episodes

On this edition of Podfathers Chaps and Clem reveal they want to start bring the wifeys on more dates. Chaps gives Clem a few date ideas like filling up Starbucks cups with wine and going to Barnes and Nobles. Chaps also tells a story about being a Hollister model in the mall. We also open up the mailbag and take calls from the MayDay line. All this and more on Podfathers!
00:38:13 11/12/2017
The new Lion King movie has been casted and the assembled crew is A+. Chaps and Clem are big fans of James Earl Jones and the rest of the ensemble. There is also a discussion of what to do with all the leftover Halloween candy that is burning a hole in your pantry. And for the all people considering installing a pool in their backyard, Pool Owner Clem makes an appearance to give you some advice on how to go about it. As always we finish off with some bedtime stories.
00:48:19 11/5/2017
Happy Halloween Podfamily! On this episode Chaps and Clem talk about how Halloween is an easy opportunity to make a lasting impression on your kids, and their favorite costumes for kids/families/spouses. Momma Clem makes her Podfathers debut to talk about all the old tandem costumes she did with Clem. We also take questions from the mailbag and more.
00:48:13 10/30/2017
On this edition of The Podfathers, Clemmy and Chapsy give updates on where things are in their lives. Momma Clem is hanging in there after the baby announcement. Chaps is getting so tired of the internet haters that he might have to make sweet love to a pumpkin just to shut them up. Questions from the mailbag are answered and bedtime stories are told. All this and more on The Podfathers.
00:46:53 10/23/2017
KFC's back to take a mysterious call on the mayday line. Ali from Chicago flew in to give some perspective on being a single mom.
00:36:00 10/13/2017
*door open SFX* On this week's edition of The Podfathers, Chaps and Clem reminisce about AOL's old instant messaging platform AIM. AIM essentially made Chaps and Clem into who they are today. Chaps would stay up late with his sound all the way up, just so he could hear that door opening sound when that certain honey signed on. Clem fondly remembers all the classic sound effects, and maybe even participated in some cybersex *wink wink*. Clem also admits he has developed a bad habit he can't quit when he watches his favorite teams lose. All this and more on episode 50! of Podfathers. *door close SFX*
00:41:12 10/9/2017
On this episode of the Podfathers, Clem finds out that there are multiple cases of pinkeye and lice at his daycare. Chaps, Barstool's resident lice expert, gives Clem the lowdown on how to battle those little buggers when they eventually make their way into the Clem household. The Chaps family makes a trip to the dentist, and you better believe Chaps is turning that into content if he can. We also dive into the mailbag and answer questions from parents in need. All this and more on Podfathers.
00:37:40 10/2/2017
On this episode of Zero Blog 30, wait I mean Podfathers, Chaps and Clem discuss the types of toys their kids have grown up on in the wake of Toys 'R ' Us filing for bankruptcy. In the second half of the episode, Captain Cons from ZBT joins the show. The guys talk about some neonatal nurses who worked at a naval hospital that mocked brand new babies by taking dumb pictures of them and put them out on social media. Chaps, Cons, and Clem comin at ya for a ZBT/Podfathers crossover episode.
59:10 9/25/2017
Chaps starts the show off by displaying his solo' talkin ass skills while Clem and Kevin are out. Matt Miller a.k.a @nfldraftscout joins Chaps to talk about being a single parent and of course, football. Clem returns at the end of the show to talk about how awesome sports weekends are when you don't have the kids. All this and more on Podfathers.
00:54:48 9/17/2017

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