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Happy New Year episode with Not So Famous Dead People Memorial

UFC 219 - Raven picked Holm & Busby picked Cyborg - who was right? More importantly, who cares; nonsense, sidebars, and all over the map was this show. In fact, explaining this show is really tough but it's also, a really good show; the Name Game with Earthquake and such tricky answers as Bellyflop, Donner Party and more; fan mail, dickish chronicles, and bad toupees... and of course all the usual.. no, there was way more than usual of the usual perversions! Send in your comments and questions to
01:23:00 1/1/2018

Past Episodes

Raven's Colonoscopy discussed; wrestling is brought up and kinda talked about; we learn what Busby's rejected nicknames were; Fan Mail is its usual brilliance even with Dick Snarl on time out; Busby hits new dickish highs and new dickish lows; Max Payne is today's name game subject and Raven really kabongs Busby! Haha! Suck it Busby! We find that depression is nothing to be ashamed of; Newser returns, the Dickish Chronicles, Word of the Week, Quote of the Day, recommendations. The show is really strong. I can't wait to listen to it. Boy that Raven, he's such a funny guy.. Stop putting yourself over! Shut up Busby. No you shut up. No you shut up. No you. Infinity! Infinity Squared. Both: You suck! And of course all the usual perversions. * *Raven is looking to commandeer someone's Red Bull soapbox car, Flugtag plane, or both of you are planning on building one... Send in your comments and questions to
02:00:00 12/25/2017
Cosmo quiz bombs and yes it was Raven's shitty idea, but we'll still blame Busby as we learn his dickishness knows no bounds; Busby forces his mom to get him a passport while he is treated "specially;" Wings is discussed...yes that Wings...the TV show, not Paul McCartney's band... although the band is what leads to the TV show's, get it....or you will after you listen to the podcast; Busby's mattress gift is's kinda like the opposite of the "gift of the magi." Busby's dickishness is now officially being chronicled; Tugboat/Typhoon/Shockmaster is name gamed, along with a Minion's adapted, Raven-adapted, Busby name game in which he shows how little he's paid attention to his own life....probably because he was much, much too busy being dickish; Word of the Day, Quotes of the Day, fan mails of the week and they are the opposite of weak, a possible time out for Dick Snarl along with slide whistles, harmonicas, possibly some flatulence; recommendations and unrecommendations as well as a positive one for Shawn the Producer's podcast (WORST COLLECTION EVER) and, of course, all the usual perversions. Send in your comments and questions to
01:47:00 12/18/2017
UFC 218 discussion unreserved; 10 most absurd laws from the world could get you served; the Busby name game with Grand Wizard & Danny Spivey you deserved; Fan Mail & Newser are observed; Busby's streak of both xenophobic & dickish behavior is preserved; the Mattress Snafu has Busby unnerved; Quote of the Day is read with verve; WrestleRock once again is swerved; and of course all the usual perversions are underserved. Oh, and stick around, there's a post show interview with Alternative History genius Joseph Farrell that I recorded months ago & is no longer unobserved! Send in your comments and questions to
01:41:00 12/11/2017
13 most offensive board games; Beefcake / Hogan feud; Raven ruled and Busby drooled in Uncle Elmer name game; Raven puts over his own stories; Busby finds his slide whistle & uses it! Isn't that rather dickish of him to steal Raven's only musical skill? It certainly is! Did Ya Know triumphantly returns; Hunter S. Thompson's Quote of the Day, as well as Max Landis, Elias Theodorou, Vader stabbing story and now, back to the board games. Whew, some of the board games are so incredibly xenophobic... as was Busby... ha! And ooh, so close, we nearly almost discussed WrestleRock and of course all the usual perversions. Send in your comments and questions to
01:22:00 12/4/2017
Part 2 of last week's crazy cliffhanger; Conor MacGregor goes crazy; crazy octopus eats man's penis; crazy-ass fan mail; Jinder Mahal, Dick Snarl, paper airplanes; Raven puts over his friend, director Max Landis and Busby heels on him. Ouch! Busby continues to be clever and witty...and xenophobic & dickish.. what a shocker. Oh and of course, all the usual perversions. Send in your comments and questions to
01:21:00 11/27/2017
The Rise and Fall of James Ellsworth; the best to-do list ever is pontificated upon; the Raven-appropriated Busby name game is starting to devolve strangely; Busby's mattress snafu is discussed; 500 5-star reviews show is now named but still in the future...but at least we named it... it's The Nite of Not Any Stars - eh, it'll do for now, it's a placeholder...get over it. Busby is xenophobic about some such sh*t or other as usual, and apparently is afraid of ice in urinals....yeah can you believe it? What a nutter! And of course all the usual perversions! Happy Jive Turkey Day! Send in your comments and questions to
01:07:00 11/20/2017
Raven has personal crap that sucks just like everyone else; UFC reviewed; Raven sings songs by the ______ when intro takes a detour; new twist to "Raven-appropriated Busby name game" with both Geto Mongol & Waldo Von Erich; Busby is xenophobic against people with masks or some such sh*t; WrestleRock rap cliff-hangered again as is the answer to whom Raven would F&@k, Marry, Kill in The Flock, fan mail and of course all the usual perversions.

PS: One of the Quotes of the Day is great and one not so much

Send in your comments and questions to
01:19:00 11/13/2017
The Intro is debated; UFC 217 is previewed (though by the time you hear this, it'll have already happened...its a wormhole thing); the Minions hit 300 5star reviews so Raven tells the above headline's story of how he nearly got beheaded by the Sinister Minister; Newser returns with a vengeance; they play the "Raven-appropriated from Busby" wrestler name game with Kane...not physically with get it; Raven proves through Newser that head transplants WILL happen only to be met by Busby's withering objections; Busby is xenophobic as usual over something or other and still hasn't explained to his girlfriend how he ruined the mattress thus behaving, as usual, quite dickishly; fan mail, a fan mail intro and a fan mail quote of the day to boot, and of course all the usual perversions*.

*and Gabriel & Vincent Van Goat may or may not have stolen pic-a-nic baskets

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01:30:00 11/6/2017
Who should be in, who shouldn't, why not and wherefore; a rhymey, old timey yet gritty and grimy opening not with peyote but with Wile E Coyote; Raven's appropriated Busby name game is played with Cyclone Negro, some made up characters are booked; fan mail, Busby behaves with his usual xenophobia and dickishness, and of course all the usual perversions.*

* Although I don't believe there were as many usual perversions as usual. Also we hit 300 5-star reviews today so next week we will be discussing Raven's scalping at the hands of Jim Mitchell...ooh scary!

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01:31:00 10/30/2017
On Raw, Seth Rollins calls Roman Reigns a "big dong;" Raven marks out for one of his all time heroes, Michael PS Hayes, and tells their fantastic first meeting; Mad Rabbi gets a long-term program; Busby's name game is appropriated by Raven and is now much better. Especially this week with the Kevin Sullivan version; Busby behaves dickishly with his mattress, among other assorted general dickishness; lots of fan mail and of course all the usual perversions.

Send in your comments and questions to
01:15:00 10/23/2017

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