Vikings Vent Line

Immediately following each Minnesota Vikings game, and every Monday thru Friday during the season, the SKOR North crew -- led by Phil Mackey, Judd Zulgad, Manny Hill and Danny Cunningham -- takes your calls and reactions!


Vikings Vent Line

'Only in America can Kirk Cousins get away with this'

Judd and Danny take your calls and tweets on the Kirk Cousins' performance that led to a Vikings loss to the Packers. Including Leslie from New Jersey who had an epic call on Minnesota's starting quarterback.
00:00:00 9/15/2019

Past Episodes

Kirk Cousins was a disaster in this Week 2 loss by the Minnesota Vikings to the Green Bay Packers, and Phil Mackey, Manny Hill and the callers are not happy about it.
00:00:00 9/14/2019
*Judd introduces "Friday Factors" leading into Sunday's game: Could Bakhtiari's back problems be a factor? *Matthew Coller joins from TCO Performance Center for "Three and Out" and answers three big questions surrounding Sunday's matchup *Danny, Judd and Manny give their predictions for Sunday, and take some from listeners as well
00:00:00 9/12/2019
*Who else on the Packers roster scares you besides Aaron Rodgers? *Does the interior of the Vikings offensive line concern you? *Josh Doctson heads to IR. Does that change anything for the Vikings offense? *How should the Vikings defend Davante Adams?
00:00:00 9/11/2019
*How many points can the Vikings defense afford to allow for the Vikings to still win at Lambeau Field on Sunday? *If the Vikings allow 14 points or less on Sunday, does it change your opinion of them? *Judd and Danny vent on whatever's on their mind after Week 1.
00:00:00 9/10/2019
*Judd Zulgad and Danny Cunningham look more into how Everson Griffen performed in Sunday's game. Is the 31-year-old back to Pro Bowl form? *How good was the Vikings offensive line in week 1? How will the pass protection matchup with the Packers on Sunday? *How confident are you in the Vikings offense in a 3rd and long situation on Sunday?
00:00:00 9/9/2019
*Judd and Danny continue to take your calls into hour 2 and also, what are the biggest takeaways from the NFC North after week 1? *Will the Vikings clean up some of the penalties for week 2 against the Packers? *Judd and Danny play a new game called "Explain That" which includes trying to make sense of what Kirk Cousins' touchdown dance was.
00:00:00 9/8/2019
*Judd Zulgad and Danny Cunningham introduce Weekday Ventline and recap the Vikings' 28-12 week 1 win over Atlanta. *Was this exactly how Mike Zimmer envisions winning games? *What have we learned about the NFC North after week 1?
00:00:00 9/8/2019
The Vikings absolutely dominated the Falcons in Week 1. Phil Mackey and Manny Hill take phone calls and social media reaction from fans. Topics include Dalvin Cook as a top-tier RB, the Vikings overall offensive approach, a great first game for the defense and more!
00:00:00 9/7/2019
After the Vikings 24-10 loss at the hands of the Bears the 2018 season is now officially over and that left you, the listener, with PLENTY to Vent about today. Manny Hill, Ross Brendel, and Jonathan Harrison took your calls for two hours to talk through the season, the lack of an offensive line, what the jobs of Spielman & Zim should be, and what to do with Cousins now. That and a whole lot more on this season ending edition of Vent Line.
00:00:00 12/29/2018
The Vikings sure made the fans sweat it out today after that abysmal first half showing but they eventually got it turned around to notch a 27-9 win over the Lions. Judd Zulgad and Manny Hill answered your calls about the lack of anything in the first half, Kyle Rudolph's monster day, and the playoff scenarios for next week. All that and more on this week's Vikings Vent Line!
00:00:00 12/22/2018

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