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A weekly podcast examining the relationship between entrepreneurship, innovation and policy in the Washington D.C. region. They are stories explaining why local innovation often influences the federal government and are told by a wide variety of voices across demographics and industries.


What's Working in Washington - Ep 232 - Gene technologies are making strides to cure terminal illnesses - Jeff Galvin

Jeff Galvin, CEO and founder of American Gene Technologies, discusses how new technologies in the realm of gene therapy are able to use viruses to heal terminal illness. Galvin believes that, within the next ten years, a large swath of terminal cancers and monogenic diseases can be effectively treated with these methods.
00:10:15 5/20/2018

Past Episodes

For today's EXTRA episode, we speak with Anne Swanson, an attorney with Wilkinson Barker Knauer; Matt Scassero, director of the University of Maryland Unmanned Aircraft System test site; and Mark Ryan, CEO of the Ryan Media Lab to learn about the wide variety of applications drones have, the regulatory and technological hurdles facing them, and how the greater Washington area is the perfect confluence of solutions to many of these problems.
00:28:03 5/13/2018
Professor Erran Carmel, American University's director of the Center for Business in the Capitol, discusses the results of a wealth of data suggesting the D.C. region is one of the largest in the world for cybersecurity. Other statistics discussed help show that while the region is still struggling on some key issues, it's holding firm as a great place for entrepreneurship.
00:09:22 5/10/2018
Stacey Smith, executive director of the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, discusses how her group has helped the state of Maryland incentive supporting local business while also ensuring a cybersecure economy.
00:09:29 5/8/2018
PR expert Christina Daves discusses the best practices for making your name known. According to Daves, one of the most important aspects is creating good content and and pitching good ideas to the right journalists.
00:08:29 5/6/2018
Lorraine Arora, chair of the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors, discusses how the real estate industry in D.C. is changing rapidly, and how businesses across the world are paying attention. Arora also explains how realtors will remain an important part of real estate, despite the rise of automation.
00:09:17 5/3/2018
National security reporter at Politico Jacqueline Klimas joins us today to talk about a new newsletter Politico is launching, all about space. With companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin making strides toward private industry in space, this newsletter should help you get a handle on what you need to know about the emerging market.
00:09:27 5/1/2018
Peter Rogers, CEO of Welford Management, explains how blockchain works, and how it could be a great asset to the D.C. region. It's not just about Bitcoin, in fact, it has a wide range of possible use cases.
00:10:32 4/29/2018
Glen Hellman, leadership coach and founder of Driven forward, discusses how leadership is a process of guiding without micromanaging. Good leaders can make sure employees will do what you want without having to tell them every day.
00:09:40 4/26/2018
We speak to Angelie Benn, co-founder of Capitol Sound DC, a local woman-led music blog that's also producing some of the hottest underground concerts in the region. Benn explains how the company got its start thanks to a love for One Direction, and how it evolved to support D.C.'s rich and diverse tapestry of music and art.
00:08:32 4/24/2018
Dan Silverman, founder of D.C.-area news and rumor website PoPville joins us to talk about building an audience, staying authentic, and weeding out trolls to build a better business. Silverman explains how acting as a journalist and leader has created a popular site and a tight-knit community.
00:10:52 4/22/2018

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