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A weekly podcast examining the relationship between entrepreneurship, innovation and policy in the Washington D.C. region. They are stories explaining why local innovation often influences the federal government and are told by a wide variety of voices across demographics and industries.


What's Working in Washington - Ep 209 - Activity Rocket gets kids into enrichment programs - Lisa Friedlander

Lisa Friedlander, co-founder of Activity Rocket, explains the trials and tribulations of starting a business with no prior entrepreneurial experience. Friedlander discusses how hard work and a little help from family helped the company rise to a national scale.
00:11:01 3/18/2018

Past Episodes

Dr. Pat Harned, head of DC's Ethics and Compliance Initiative, spoke to What's Working in Washington about how ethics is a proactive process, not just a reactive one. As it turns out, businesses that foster ethical environments with clear core values run into moral quandaries far less than those that don't.
00:09:24 3/15/2018
What's Working in Washington spoke with RunSafe Security CEO Joe Saunders to learn about the dangers, as well as the benefits, of the internet of things. When almost every electronic device can connect to the internet, security can become a nightmare, but companies like Saunders' are closing the loop on hackers.
00:09:54 3/13/2018
What's Working in Washington talks to Kim Hart, managing editor at news outlet Axios. While trust in media is at an all-time low in America, Hart explains how Axios is working to make objective truth a top priority in reporting.
00:09:29 3/11/2018
The upcoming STEM Symposium helps young students get interested in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. JD Kathuria explains how fostering young interest in STEM can ultimately help fill the region's unfilled tech jobs.
00:08:34 3/8/2018
Clare Flannery of MDB Communications explains how businesses in the DC region have banded together to improve metro. She says the Metro Now Coalition is a sign of how DC, Maryland and Virginia can work together as a region to reach a common goal.
00:07:04 3/6/2018
Jim Dinegar at the Kogod School of Business, explains why low unemployment rates might be an opportunity for growth in the D.C. region. With a wide margin of unfilled tech jobs in the area, Dinegar lays out a plan for using education to solve the issue.
00:11:59 3/4/2018
A full-length discussion on company boards, why women are still under-represented, and specific tips on how to boost the female presence to better reflect the customers companies serve. Denise Keane, Andi Cullins, Andrew Sherman
00:28:03 2/25/2018
An international expert in Middle Eastern politics and economics in Washington, DC has found an interesting creative outlet in a podcast called Sunday Blues ? which isn't even really about music.
00:09:19 2/22/2018
A report last year estimated upwards of 800 million jobs worldwide will be lost to robotics and automation. "And while that's true, I think the real story is how many jobs will be created by the need to support, and build, and program, and put in place those robotics and automation," says the founder of WorkHarmony.
00:08:46 2/20/2018
Do entrepreneurs deal with crises and changes in their lives differently from non-entrepreneurs?
00:09:56 2/18/2018

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