Young and Happy

Caleb Pressley is college football's first ever Supervisor of Morale. Adam Ferrone (Rone) is the two-time defending battle rap champion of the world. They're some happy guys. On Young and Happy, Caleb and Rone dive into the notion that everything humans do is predicated on our own happiness. They explore all the inner-workings of becoming intentionally happy, while talking to people from all walks of life about what influences their daily joy.



Post Malone is calling out Bieber for joining a cult church. Meanwhile he is building an apocalypse shelter for himself in Utah of all places. Isn't I?t ironic? Macklemore, Blake Shelton, Selena Gomez, and Lil Uzi Vert are also topics on today's show.   Show More


Past Episodes

This is a very full episode containing volatile and explosive materials that should be handled with care. Rone cross examines Lavar Ball as a Chinese litigator, and Caleb makes a salient point regarding the largest W of Meek Mill's career. This is Young & Happy.
Need we say more? Final song is Paperwhite Remix by Young Bombs.
We are joined by Jodi Ingham of Reinge Clothing. We talk through what it means to be a well dressed dude. From high end to Urban Outfitters. This is Young & Happy.?
Would you like to go deep into the wind of a world renown rhymer? Well what better way than to listen to world champion battle rapper Rone talk to himself for an entire episode. This guy is crazy.
Hollywood veteran and Instagram legend Michael Rapaport joins the show to talk about the time he saw Tupac give Snoop Dogg his first blunt. Rap also shares his thoughts on the new Eminem cypher. This is Young & Happy.
Today we're getting down to the real nitty gritty. The question every is dying to know. Is Rone a father for real? No, just kidding. It's another Rone-less show. Buckle up.
Cardi B on North Korea. Priscella Presley on Elvis' legacy. Chicks in the Office on Pacquiao. Caleb on ads. This is Young & Happy.
Avril Lavigne is dangerous. Maddox got signed. Jake Paul wants beef from the inside. What are meth people? This is Young & Happy.
Kansas City Chiefs OLB Tamba Hali joins the show to talk about his new song "Chief." Rone and Caleb also dive into the music news of the week, and officially put Vice on the map. This is Young & Happy.
01:11:41 9/14/2017

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