Starting off the LadyGang Your Life series is the hormone health educator and founder of Candace Burch, who comes to the studio to tell the Ladies about what's really going on with your hormones and what you can do about it.

01:03:51 8/7/2017

Past Episodes

The hormone expert is back in the studio to answer more questions from you (and maybe the Ladies as well) about hormone imbalances and what you can do to get your endocrine game back on track! PROMOCODES at = Jumpstart Package: LADYGANG ($50), Weight Management Package: LADYGANG2 ($100 OFF) Gold Standard Package: LADYGANG3 ($50 off) For a list of all the products mentioned on this episode, visit Follow the podcast on Instagram @theladygang and you can email Jac, Becca and Keltie at
01:15:00 3/20/2018
The Ladies return for another quickie episode to answer more questions from the box including: their hairiest situations, issues with commitment, and their favorite make up products! For a list of all the products mentioned on this episode, visit Follow the podcast on Instagram @theladygang and you can email Jac, Becca and Keltie at
00:40:00 3/15/2018
The Ladies tackle the headlines once again with another edition of Allegedly Wassa Happening! Hear their takes on the Bachelor finale (including Arie's terrible make up line), close encounters of the Fran kind, the magical Shewee, Mariah Carey's new photo strategy, a four-legged chicken, and someone pulling the car stunt from Ladybird in real life. For a list of all the products mentioned on this episode, visit Follow the podcast on Instagram @theladygang and you can email Jac, Becca and Keltie at
00:54:00 3/13/2018
Shay Mitchell's assistant and subject of YouTube's "Sammy Says" Sammy Rosenman comes into the studio to talk about the authenticity of the mysterious Beyoncé baby bump, being the coolest doula ever, and all of the things she'll do (or has done) for other people including taking celebrity nudes and unclogging toilets.
01:03:00 3/6/2018's not Tuesday! The Ladies are bringing out the big guns and bring you a SECOND episode a week every other Thursday! Listen to what the Ladies are grateful for this week, their celebrity crushes, and take a peak inside their box. Who doesn't love a Quickie!
00:35:00 3/1/2018
The fiery Australian redhead joins the LadyGang to talk about her the magic behind partner assignments on the set and the new Winter Tour, as well as her most embarrassing moment featuring her dad, first kisses and wardrobe malfunctions stories, Sharna's not-so-secret on set romance, the male equivalent to a push up bra, and the best years of their life! Also, there's stories about bowel movements in the wrong places.
01:04:00 2/27/2018
Bachelor In Paradise's (AND JAC'S ALLEGED FUTURE HUSBAND) DeMario Jackson comes on the podcast to talk about his time in Bachelor Nation and how he came came to meet Jac before playing a demented version of the dating game to determine the strength of their budding relationship.
01:00:00 2/20/2018
Singing sensation Rachel Platten talks about the highs and lows of fame since her first hit single, then joins the ladies to decide which of the Sexiest Men Alive are actually hunky or extremely overrated! And then maybe some other people enter the studio as well! *coughcouch Lea Michele cough cough*
01:10:00 2/13/2018
The Ladies are back in the news--but not for any scandalous behavior on their part--to give you their latest take on the hottest headlines, including: The PrattDaddy's new podcast, the possibility of The Hills reunion, Nutella riots, Tom Hardy's newest tattoo, Quincy Jones' multiple wives, Beyonce's earrings, Katie Holmes dating Jamie Foxx, bathroom surprises, and so much more!
00:59:00 2/6/2018
Actress, writer and producer Annika Marks joins the LadyGang to talk about working on the new miniseries Waco and what exactly the short film G Spots? on her IMDB page is all about, then plays a rousing game of which celebrity cults she'd be interested in joining in real life. Let's hope for a wonderful harvest of bananas this year--pun definitely intended.
00:58:00 1/30/2018

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